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The Z6 riot control baton, also known simply as the Z6 baton, was a baton used by First Order riot control stormtroopers during the era of the Cold War.


A non-lethal melee weapon, the Z6 baton comprised a central shaft terminating in two contact conductor vanes[1] capable of resisting the plasma blade of a lightsaber. These collapsible vanes sparked with electric currents while in use,[3] and delivered a stunning shock against opponents.[2] The weapon was held via an adhesion grip that could be magnatomically paired with the gloves of a First Order stormtrooper.[1] This magnetic grip allowed the baton to be spun in combat.[2]


―FN-2199 prepares to do battle with Finn using a Z6 riot control baton — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

FN-2199 "Nines" confronted the traitor FN-2187 "Finn" during the Battle of Takodana

The riot control stormtroopers of the First Order were trained to use non-lethal equipment as part of riot-control tactics, and utilized the Z6 baton, often in conjunction[2] with a lightweight composite betaplast ballistic riot shield.[1] Captain Cardinal, a key member of the First Order training hierarchy, was training recruits in the use of the baton aboard a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer when word came down that he was to be replaced by Phasma. After learning of Phasma's background, Cardinal confronted Phasma in a simulation room aboard the Absolution and both engaged in combat with one another using a Z6 baton.[5]

The Z6, capable of shocking and stunning an opponent during combat, was used by FN-2199,[2] a trooper of the FN Corps, against the defector FN-2187 during the battle on Takodana. Nines attacked Finn with his baton, pummeling the traitor's lightsaber until he was shot by a Wookiee bowcaster fired by Han Solo.[3]

Finn wielded this weapon aboard Snoke's ship during his duel with Captain Phasma. He struck his opponent down with the weapon, incapacitating her long enough for the deck below her to collapse.[6]

The 709th Legion stormtrooper RS-2112 utilized this baton to strike Wooro on his commanding officer's orders, in order to intimidate Kendoh Voss into complying with their demands when capturing them.[7]


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