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"While other spacers are grounded in the hangar, you'll still be making money!"
Starfeld Industries advertisement for the ZH-25[src]

The Starfeld ZH-25 Questor light freighter was a light freighter with starfighter range.


ZH-25 Questor

Exterior view of the popular Questor model.

The ZH-25 was inspired by the massive success that the earlier Z-10 Seeker model had spawned, and was in many ways an improvement of that model as it provided more cargo space, better life support (involving no less than fifty-five different bio-technologies) and better armaments.

The Questor model was fitted with seventy-five Imperial Mark IV fuel cells, giving it an average endurance of almost three standard months. Instead of the Novaldex JV-71 ion engine of the Z-10, the ZH-25 was fitted with the more powerful JV-74 ion engine which had three additional collision tube pairs, but given its relatively larger size and weight, the ZH-25 was slightly slower in sub-light than the Z-10.

The ZH-25 was armed with twin fire-linked pulse lasers of Taim & Bak's design, which were located on either side of the main fuselage of the ship near the cargo pods. The ship was also equipped with a Sirplex P-12 shield generator. In addition to the standard armaments, weapons modifications were quite common, one of the most popular ones being forward concussion missile launchers and rear laser turrets.

All the improvements came at the cost of the sensor system, as the Questor model was equipped with the slightly weak SoroSuub Corporation sensor package.

Starfeld ZH-25 Questor deckplan

Deckplan of the Questor model.

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