Gandr: "That's Imperial military stuff. Totally overkill for civilian applications."
Jessa: "I'll say. You'd have miliary intelligence all over you before you installed it. For civilian use you don't need anything beyond a basic decoder with decent encryption."
Merei: "Oh, so the ZX-5 is a decoder"
―Gandr, Jessa, and Merei Spanjaf discussing a ZX-5 access disk[src]
Imperial decoder

A ZX-5 access disk

The ZX-5 access disk was a high-powered Imperial military decoder that was used about five years before the Battle of Yavin. It had a high level of encryption that allowed users to access classified Imperial documents. The rebel Ezra Bridger and the Imperial cadet Zare Leonis worked together to steal a ZX-5 access disk from the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus' office. This decoder contained the coordinates of an Imperial kyber crystal convoy in deep space. Later, Leonis' girlfriend Merei Spanjaf used the decoder to decrypt several Imperial documents relating to Leonis' missing sister Dhara.

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