One of the nonhumans on the Interim Ruling Council, Za was a Defel Prince. Za's family controlled several key hyperspace routes. He used his family's wealth to fund Carnor Jax's plan to sabotage Palpatine's Clones. After the Emperor's death, Za was offered a seat on Jax's Interim Ruling Council. The other councilors, unnerved by his appearance (or lack thereof), set up ultraviolet lamps around De-Purteen to lessen his frightening visage.

Despite his presence on the Council, Defels remained oppressed throughout the Imperial Remnant. Za was also a puppet of Norym Kim and was paid by Kim to nominate Xandel Carivus to become the Council's new leader. This plan had negative effects when Carivus expelled and imprisoned the nonhuman members of the council after becoming the head of the council.

Following Carivus' death, he was taken into New Republic custody.

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