This article is about the ice planet Zaadja. You may be looking for the barren planet Zaddja.

Zaadja was an icy planet with snowy plains surrounded by impervious mountains.


During the Clone Wars, Geonosians, working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, established a hive factory-fortress on the planet. At that time, the factory was littered with Mandalorian corpses.

In 21 BBY, a Republic Army, led by General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Knight Tohno, was sent to the planet in order to destroy the Separatists' factory. Tohno gave her life to blow up the hive factory: a sacrifice that made the Republic victorous.

Jodo Kast managed to salvage some Mandalorian armor from this planet which he then used to impersonate Boba Fett as a bounty hunter.[3]

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Star Wars: The Comics Companion initially identified Zaddja and Zaadja as the same planet. More recently, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia treats them as different planets, with each receiving an entry in the encyclopedia. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia adds further confusion to the situation by erroneously labeling the image of Zaddja as Zaadja.



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