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"Fear. Anger. Resentment. I sense them in you. You have let yourself feel, Eeth Koth. […]"
"Perhaps it's the Zabrak in me."
Darth Vader and the Zabrak Former Jedi Master Eeth Koth[src]

Zabraks were a near-human carnivorous species native to the planet Iridonia. The species had distinctive horns atop their heads and two hearts. Although most male Zabraks lived on Iridonia, some lived on Dathomir under the rule of the Nightsisters. These Zabrak were known as the Nightbrothers and were bred with the Nightsisters. The Nightbrothers usually went under the name "Dathomirian."

Zabraks fought against the Galactic Empire's attempts to undermine and subvert them, and instead of surrendering, many joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Zabraks were considered to be proud, self-determined, and even arrogant to some, yet they nevertheless were one of the most independent species in the galaxy.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Zabraks were a species of near-humans that had evolved to be tough due to the nature of their homeworld Iridonia. The species was carnivorous and had two hearts, which allowed them to pump oxygenated blood around their systems more quickly than other species meaning they could go faster for longer. All Zabraks possessed a ring of small horns that ran from high on their brow round to the back of their head, with the horns of males generally being more developed than those of females, although horn placement, length and thickness varied enormously across the species. Zabraks could be Force-sensitive.[17]

Society and cultureEdit

All Zabrak were fiercely independent, usually taking on roles in society that minimised their need to be ordered around by others. This was often mistaken by other species for aloofness or arrogance, which was erroneous, although Zabrak were unashamedly proud of being survivors. The majority of Zabraks wore facial tattoos which often indicated familial ties, but could also simply be based on an individual's personal taste.[17]


The Zabrak were loyal members of the Galactic Republic during its reign, but were immediately opposed to the Galactic Empire upon its creation, with many joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Likewise, many Zabrak sided with the Resistance to oppose the First Order after the fall of the New Republic.[17]

Zabrak in the galaxyEdit

Despite the species overall loyalty to the Republic, individual Zabrak could be found across the galaxy with a wide range of allegiances, usually in roles with minimal managerial supervision such as independent traders, mercenaries, bounty hunters or scouts. One such Zabrak was Sugi, who worked as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars, and taught her niece Jas Emari the same trade. Criminal pursuits were often attractive to younger Zabraks, and during the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector several Zabrak served in the crew of the the Smuggler who led the Uprising against the Imperial blockade.[17]

Several Force-sensitive Zabrak joined the Jedi Order, including Zubain Ankonori, Eeth Koth, and Agen Kolar, the latter two of whom served on the Jedi High Council. The Force-sensitive brothers Maul and Savage Opress instead both served the Sith, before independently forming the Shadow Collective criminal cartel and briefly ruling the planet Mandalore.[17] The Dathomirian Nightsister Asajj Ventress was also trained as a Jedi, though she left the Order following her master's death to serve the Sith,[18] before eventually becoming a bounty hunter.[19]


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