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Zac'ryah Vos

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{{Character infobox|
image=[[Image:Zacryah.jpg|250px|Quinlan Vos posig as Zac'ryah]]|
|type=Galactic Republic
name=Zac'ryah Vos|
|name=Zac'ryah Vos
|death=[[22 BBY/Legends|22 BBY]] ([[Great ReSynchronization|14:1]]), Kiffu
hair=Black and white|
eyes=Right brown, left prosthetic|
era=[[Rise of the Empire era]]|
|hair=[[Color/Legends|Black and white]]
affiliation= [[Galactic Republic]]
'''Zac'ryah Vos''' was a [[Kiffar]] general, most likely in the [[Kiffu Guardian|Guardians]]. He was heavily scarred, with severe burns across his face, and his left eye replaced by a [[Prosthetic replacement|cybernetic implant]]. Vos also represented [[Kiffu]] and [[Kiffex]] at sector security conferences during the [[Clone Wars]].
|cyber=[[Cybernetics/Legends|Prosthetic]] left [[Eye/Legends|eye]]
|affiliation=*[[Clan Vos]]
*[[Galactic Republic/Legends|Galactic Republic]]
'''Zac'ryah Vos''' was a [[Sexes/Legends|male]] [[Kiffar/Legends|Kiffar]] [[General/Legends|General]] of the [[Galactic Republic/Legends|Galactic Republic]] who represented [[Kiffu/Legends|Kiffu]] and [[Kiffex/Legends|Kiffex]] at [[Sector/Legends|sector]] security conferences during the [[Clone Wars/Legends|Clone Wars]]. He was heavily scarred, with severe burns across his face, and his left [[Eye/Legends|eye]] replaced by a [[Cybernetics/Legends|cybernetic implant]].
Vos was killed during [[Count/Legends|Count]] [[Dooku/Legends|Dooku's]] subjugation on Kiffu, which allowed rogue [[Jedi/Legends|Jedi]] [[Quinlan Vos/Legends|Quinlan Vos]] to masquerade as him during his [[Assassin/Legends|assassination]] mission on [[Coruscant/Legends|Coruscant]].
Vos was killed during [[Count]] [[Dooku]]'s subjugation of Kiffu, which allowed rogue [[Jedi]] [[Quinlan Vos]] to masquerade as him during his assassination mission on [[Coruscant]].
*''[[Republic 63: Striking from the Shadows]]'' {{C|Quinlan Vos in disguise}}
*''[[Star Wars Republic 63: Striking from the Shadows]]''
*''[[Star Wars: Republic: Trackdown]]'' {{Vision|Quinlan Vos}} {{C|Quinlan Vos in disguise}}
[[File:Zacryah.jpg|thumb|left|Quinlan Vos disguised as Zac'ryah]]
==See also==
*[[Vos family]]
|de=Zac'ryah Vos
|pl=Zac'ryah Vos
{{DEFAULTSORT:Vos, Zac'ryah}}
[[Category:Aliases, nicknames and pseudonyms|Vos, Zac'ryah]]
[[Category:Admirals and generals]]
[[Category:Military characters|Vos, Zac'ryah]]
[[Category:Clan Vos]]
[[Category:Kiffar|Vos, Zac'ryah]]
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