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*[[Clan Vos]]
*[[Clan Vos]]
[[Image:Zacryah.jpg|thumb|left|Quinlan disguised as Zac'ryah.]]
[[File:Zacryah.jpg|thumb|left|Quinlan disguised as Zac'ryah.]]
[[Category:Admirals and generals|Vos, Zac'ryah]]
[[Category:Admirals and generals|Vos, Zac'ryah]]

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Zac'ryah Vos was a Kiffar general, most likely in the Guardians. He was heavily scarred, with severe burns across his face, and his left eye replaced by a cybernetic implant. Vos also represented Kiffu and Kiffex at sector security conferences during the Clone Wars.

Vos was killed during Count Dooku's subjugation of Kiffu, which allowed rogue Jedi Quinlan Vos to masquerade as him during his assassination mission on Coruscant.


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Quinlan disguised as Zac'ryah.

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