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Zak Zaz was a male Mandalorian human doctor who worked at a New Mandalorian hospital in Mandalore's capital city of Sundari during the Clone Wars. During the conflict, many school children were poisoned throughout the planet and some were taken to the Sundari Mandalorian hospital where Doctor Zaz was stationed. Eventually, Doctor Zaz was able to correctly pinpoint the cause of the illness, which was heavy concentrations of slabin added to the Ardees Beverage tea.


Zak Zaz[2] was a Mandalorian human male who eventually became a doctor and was stationed in the Sundari Mandalorian hospital in Sundari, the capital city of the planet Mandalore during the Clone Wars. The hospital had just recently opened to the public when an illness swept through the planet.

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Zak Zaz first appeared in "Corruption," the fifth episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars which was released in 2010.[1]



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