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"Its a huge, red lizard that's built like a Baragwin battle tank. It has a hide so thick it might as well be durasteel plating."
―Mandalorian guard captain[src]

Zakkegs were rare alpha-predators indigenous to Dxun. Huge, armored quadrupeds, they were solitary and territorial. Even Mandalorians were impressed by someone who killed one, and one could gain great honor for proving one's success. They preyed upon most creatures which they could catch, including cannoks, maalraas and even bomas.

When Meetra Surik arrived on Dxun, she had to prove herself worthy to Mandalore to get transportation to Onderon. Upon hearing that killing one of these beasts was considered honorable, she took up the challenge and, with the help of her companions and the young Mandalorian Davrel, she killed the zakkeg and gained significant respect from the Mandalorians.



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