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"Chancellor Saresh also refused to discuss surrender, but the Republic Senate managed to overrule her. A cadre of Senators negotiated their own cease-fire terms. All of those Senators have since been disgraced or dismissed. I'm sure you can imagine the likely culprit."
―Lana Beniko[src]

A treaty was negotiated between the Galactic Republic and the Eternal Empire by a group of Senators during the Eternal Empire's conquest of the galaxy. The treaty ended the Eternal Empire's assault upon the Republic, but forced the Republic to begin paying a heavy tribute of raw materials and resources, as well as an arms limitation statute that the Republic broke in secret. The Senators who negotiated the cease-fire did so when the Galactic Senate overruled Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, though Saresh arranged for the disgrace or dismissal of the Senators who were involved in the aftermath.[1]

The treaty would become void when the Eternal Alliance absorbed the Eternal Empire and freed both the Republic and Empire from these terms.


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