Zalaacas were swift, intelligent, and fierce omnivores native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo.

Rather little was known about their habits. They seemed to dwell primarily in woody uplands, yet were strong swimmers. Narglatch would not attack adult-sized zalaacas.

Zalaacas had excellent nocturnal eyesight. They also had grinding molars and slicing tusks to help rip apart prey. Male zalaacas were colored blue and yellow while the females were just blue. Zalaacas also had sharp claws, fetlock spikes, and a finned tail for swimming.

A Zalaaca female

A Gungan rite of passage was to capture a foal with the intent of training it as a cavalry mount - extremely dangerous, and not often successful. As zalaacas were the natural enemy of the kaadu, this was a test of courage for both mount and rider.

A fully trained Zalaaca, while rare, made a vicious but loyal war mount, protecting its rider with its strength and savagely attacking the enemy. Riding a zalaaca standing up was the ultimate test of ridership.