"Ahhh, Basdor, you're here, but you seem confused. You're standing with the wrong side, aren't you?"
―Admiral Pellaeon[1]

Zam Basdor was a male Human dignitary of the Imperial Remnant and the right hand man of Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. After secretly making a deal with Ennix Devian, the Supreme Commander of the Restored Empire faction, Basdor became a spy on Devian's behalf and sabotaged a peace treaty that would have ended the Galactic Civil War. Upon learning of Basdor's true loyalties, Pellaeon executed Basdor during a battle over the Imperial capital.



Basdor, shot between the eyes

"So, Basdor… you're the spy I've been looking for. I suspected as much."
―Admiral Pellaeon prior to executing Basdor[1]

Basdor, a Human male, worked as a dignitary for the Imperial Remnant under the direction of Admiral Gilad Pellaeon during the years following the Battle of Endor. Operating on the Imperial homeworld, Orinda, Basdor eventually came into contact with Ennix Devian, an extremist Imperial assassin who founded a dissident Remnant group known as the Restored Empire. Promised something in return for his assistance, Devian appointed Basdor as a spy in Pellaeon's offices.[1] Basdor informed Devian of Pellaeon's decision to possibly make a truce with the warring New Republic, and the two conspired to sabotage the peace talks in order to prolong the ongoing Galactic Civil War.[3]

Basdor was appointed by Pellaeon to oversee the meeting between Feena D'Asta, representing the Imperial Remnant and the D'Astan sector, and Mirith Sinn, representing the New Republic. This meeting would lay the foundations for a ceasefire. Basdor secretly had a squad of Devian's stormtroopers lying in wait to assassinate the two women; framing the attack on the New Republic would provoke the Pellaeon into launching a retaliatory attack on the Republic capital Coruscant to maintain Feena's father's loyalty to the Remnant; this in turn would allow Devian to strike at Orinda and destroy the Imperial Remnant. However, Basdor did not expect the presence of the bounty hunter and former Emperor's Royal Guard Kir Kanos at the meeting. Showing his disgust towards allowing the man who assassinated the previous head of the Imperial Ruling Council, Xandel Carivus, to attend peace talks, Basdor vacated the room, and shortly after sent Devian's stormtroopers in to kill everyone presnt, resulting in the death of D'Asta. Kanos, however, saved Sinn's life and killed Basdor's men.[2] Pellaeon questioned Basdor's decision to abandon D'Asta prior to the attack. Basdor maintained that he suspected treachery, and bolstered Pellaeon's decision to launch a strike at the heart of the New Republic; Pellaeon's fleet mobilized for the attack.[2]

However, en route to Coruscant, Pellaeon was alerted of Devian's attack on Orinda by Baron D'Asta; Kir Kanos relayed the truth of Feena's death to her father. Pellaeon's fleet reversed its course, and his flagship was boarded by Devian's men upon reentry in Orinda's orbit. Basdor was spared by Devian, who managed to corner Pellaeon and force him into a surrender. Pellaeon's suspicions surrounding Basdor were amplified when he saw the dignitary standing with Devian's men, unharmed. Devian confirmed Basdor's true loyalties; enraged, Pellaeon raised his blaster and killed Basdor with a single shot to the forehead.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Zam Basdor first appeared as a minor antagonist in the comic series Star Wars: Crimson Empire III—Empire Lost in 2012. Debuting in its fifth issue, Basdor's true loyalties were not revealed until the following issue; references to a spy within Pellaeon's ranks are made as early as the third issue.


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