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Zan Pike was a female Epicanthix and the twin sister of Zu Pike. The only way to tell them apart was the fact that Zan had green eyes whereas Zu had one green and one blue eye.


Zan Pike

Zan and Zu were born in 23 BBY, the daughters of famous Teräs Käsi fighter Dux Pike. He died when they were infants, just before the start of the Clone Wars. Their mother was a Bunduki noble, who arranged for their education by the Followers of Palawa.

Zan and Zu went on to become Teräs Käsi masters themselves, and criminals for the highest bidder. She fought beside her sister in illegal fighting matches across the galaxy. In 3 ABY, Prince Xizor had them hired to work for Black Sun. Following his death, they signed on to work with Spinda Caveel, who sent them to acquire A-OIC and, later, to re-acquire him and the Human replica droid Guri. On this latter expedition, they encountered the Heroes of Yavin, and decided to cut their losses, quitting their employment with Caveel. When he drew his blaster to keep them on task, they killed him.

She co-owned the Steel Hand, a two-person starfighter, with her sister, though Zu was its pilot.



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