Den Dhur: "He could be working the classical circuit, making serious credits at it."
Jos Vondar: "Probably would be, except for this little problem called interstellar war."
―Den and Jos talk about Zan who is playing the Quetarra[src]

Zan Yant was a male Zabrak surgeon who worked for the Republic during the Clone Wars.


A member of the wealthy Yant family on Talus, Zan Yant was trained at the best medical schools in the galaxy. In 20 BBY, the Battle of Drongar began, and the Republic needed surgeons. Yant was conscripted and assigned to the Rimsoo Seven facility on Drongar. There, Yant had met Corellian head surgeon Jos Vondar and became fast friends with him.


Yant plays Sabacc on Drongar.

A good friend of Barriss Offee, and a talented musician, Yant's outlet to escape the horror of the war around him was to play his quetarra. Yant entertained his friends by playing a variety of musical works. Doing so calmed his mind and helped him cope with the traumas of everyday. Yant was very protective of his quetarra, but once when intoxicated, jumped up and down on the quetarra case with the quetarra inside to demonstrate the case's strength.

Tragedy struck when the Rimsoo unit was attacked and forced to evacuate. Yant lost his quetarra in the chaos, which the Sullustan reporter Den Dhur had recovered at great risk to his own life. Yant was both surprised and touched at Dhur's heroics. Before Yant could thank Dhur, however, an explosion occurred. A piece of shrapnel lodged into his brain stem, killing him instantly.



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