"Scorch" Zanales, a male Daimlo from Daimla, was a successful Podracer.

Zanales spoke Huttese and was considered the favorite of the Gamorreans, as he performed well on The Citadel course located on Gamorr.

During the Galactic Games of 27 BBY, and among several other contestants of an illegal Caves race on the planet Euceron (including Ody Mandrell, Aldar Beedo, Gasgano, Elan Mak, Will Neluenf, and 14-year-old Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker), Zanales, who had been closely tailing Skywalker, unfortunately got tangled up with Gasgano, and the two racers crashed their pods.

Skywalker won the race on behalf of the children of Ratts TyerellDeland and Doby, whose podracer Anakin piloted to free their sister-slave Djulla from the clutches of her master, Sebulba (whose son, Hekula, took second place).[1]



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