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"And you guys were worried. Ha ha! Zander Freemaker, superstar pilot guy! Right?"
―Zander Freemaker[7]

Zander Freemaker was a member of the Freemakers. He was the first child of Lena and Pace Freemaker. He was the older brother of Kordi Freemaker and Rowan Freemaker. The Freemakers also had a B1-series battle droid named Roger, who served as a butler and a companion to Rowan. While he was a racing enthusiast and skilled mechanic, Zander was also impulsive and naive at times. The Freemakers also operated a starship repair business called Freemaker Salvage and Repair that was based on a space station called the Wheel in the Abrion system.

While salvaging for scrap on Nal Kapok, Zander and his family were drawn into a quest to find the seven pieces of the Kyber Saber crystal, a weapon capable of destroying the galaxy. Zander's younger brother Rowan discovered he was Force-sensitive and came under the tutelage of the Great Jedi Purge survivor Naare, who wanted to reforge the Kyber Saber. In secret, Naare was a Sith agent of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, who wanted the Kyber Saber for themselves.

Zander's impulsiveness and naivety brought his family to the attention of both the Galactic Empire and the Hutt crime lord Graballa, who were after the Kyber Saber. After Naare exposed her true identity, the Freemakers were drawn into a race to find the remaining Kyber crystals in order to prevent Naare from reforging the weapon. As a result, the Freemakers were pursued by Naare and Graballa, who managed to steal the crystal from them. After escaping with the seventh Kyber crystal on Hoth, Rowan and Roger separated from the other Freemakers in order to protect them from Naare.

Unable to find Rowan and Roger, Zander and Kordi returned to the Wheel only to be trapped by Naare and Graballa. Naare managed to torture Zander and Kordi and succeeded in drawing Rowan out of hiding. Following a confrontation, Naare managed to reforge the Kyber Saber. However, the Freemakers managed to steal the weapon from her and the Empire during a showdown on Coruscant. After destroying the Kyber Saber, the Freemakers accepted an offer to join the Rebel Alliance. At some point he had a daughter named Moxie with Becky Smoochenbacher.


Zander Freemaker was born to Lena and Pace Freemaker on the Wheel.[1]

Getting a transmitter coil for Han Solo[]

Zander and Kordi Freemaker as babies with their parents

When Zander was a baby, Han Solo and Chewbacca came to the Freemaker Salvage and Repair shop. Here Han told Pace, who was Zander's and Kordi Freemaker's father, that he needed a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Pace responded that they have not been made since the time of the Clone Wars. Han knew that Pace was a Clone Wars expert, which was why he came. Han told Pace that they should go to Ord Tellarom to get a Durasteel-transmitter coil. Han, Chewbacca, and the Freemakers, which included Kordi, Pace, Lena, and Zander, went to find a Durasteel-transmitter coil on an old Clone Wars battlefield on Ord Tellarom. When they arrived they found a coil, but during this a Zillo Beast attacked them. But they eventually escaped, and also during this they saved and found R0-GR, who became a member of the Freemakers.[1]

Salvage run on Nal Kapok[]

The Freemakers traveled to Nal Kapok

Zander was about eighteen years old in the period following the Battle of Hoth. Zander and his family were scavenging wreckage that had been left over from a space battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. During the dogfight, Rowan accidentally drew the attention of the Imperial and rebel pilots to the StarScavenger by blowing up an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. As a result, Zander decided to take the ship into hyperspace. Upon arriving back at the Freemaker Garage, the Freemakers were accosted by their Aqualish landlord Furlac, who reminded them they were behind their rent payment.[3]

In an attempt to raise funds, Zander with Kordi's help began cobbling up a starship from the salvaged wreckage. However, Rowan accidentally destroyed the starship by swinging a pole into the head of an AT-ST walker, which fired a salvo that destroyed the starship. When Kordi proposed selling his Z-wings (which she called "Uglies"), Zander took offense. Instead, he called Roger, who had been baking cookies, and asked him where the best Clone Wars site was to salvage junk. After Roger mentioned Nal Kapok, Zander and the Freemakers traveled there on the StarScavenger.[3]

While Zander and Kordi explored the planet, Rowan and Roger stayed behind on the StarScavenger. While attempting to take an engine from an Imperial Troop Transport, Zander and his sister were captured by Imperial stormtroopers. The two siblings were interrogated inside the Imperial transport. Zander tried to convince the stormtroopers that it was a mistake but the Imperials insisted on sending them to the spice mines of Kessel. At that point, they were rescued by Rowan who had activated a vintage AT-TE walker. Zander and Kordi managed to flee the transport while Rowan pursued the fleeing Imperials.[3]

The AT-TE soon broke down and the Imperials counter-attacked. However, a Jedi woman named Naare came to their rescue and drove off the stormtroopers with her blue lightsaber. Having befriended Rowan and Roger by telling them about her quest to find the Kyber Saber, Naare ingratiated herself with the Freemakers. Zander was smitten by her and the Freemakers allowed her to accompany them back to the Wheel. Naare then managed to convince Kordi to let her train Rowan in the ways of the Force. Unknown to the Freemakers, Naare was actually a Sith agent in the services of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, who had been tasked with recovering the pieces of the Kyber Saber.[3]

Rescuing Rowan Freemaker[]

The Freemakers in the Belgaroth asteroid field

After the events on Nal Kapok, Naare convinced Zander's younger brother Rowan to embark on a quest to find the second Kyber Saber crystal in the Belgaroth asteroid field. Following an argument between Naare and Kordi, Rowan and Roger borrowed the StarScavenger and traveled to the asteroid field on their own to find the crystal. After learning that Rowan had stolen one of his Z-wings, Zander, Kordi, and Naare traveled to the Belgaroth asteroid field to find Rowan. Zander and Kordi traveled on the StarScavenger while Naare traveled in her own Eclipse Fighter.[8]

Meanwhile, Rowan and Roger found the second Kyber Saber crystal but were captured by the Hutt crime lord Graballa, who wanted to use the crystals to bankroll his beachside resort. Zander, Kordi, and Naare arrived on Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist just as the Hutt was about to feed Rowan and Roger to his pet nexu Smiley. With Kordi taking the lead, Zander and his sister tried to sell a Z-wing to Graballa while Naare freed the captives. However, Graballa rejected their offer and spotted Rowan, Roger, and Naare sneaking away.[8]

Following a brief struggle, the Freemakers and Naare fled into space aboard the Z-wing. They fled into the Belgaroth asteroid field but were pursued by starfighters led by Dengar, Graballa's leading bounty hunter. Naare managed to use the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field and to destroy most of their pursuers. Naare's actions gained the trust of the Freemakers with Zander admitting feelings for the "Jedi."[8]

Once aboard the StarScavenger, Rowan apologized to his older siblings for leaving the Freemaker Garage without permission and causing them trouble. While Zander was annoyed, he was able to forgive his little brother. Shortly, Rowan sensed the presence of the second Kyber Saber crystals. The Freemakers found the crystal floating in space and retrieved it. Zander was present when Naare praised Rowan for finding the kyber crystal, unaware that she had almost destroyed the StarScavenger in a fit of rage.[8]

Joyride on the N-1 starfighter[]

Zander taking the N-1 fighter on a joyride

Later, the Freemakers received a job from fellow Wheel resident Wick Cooper to service an antique N-1 starfighter. Knowing that Zander was a starship aficionado who could not control his impulses, Kordi instructed Rowan to distract Zander while Roger brought in the N-1 starfighter into the garage. Despite Rowan's best efforts, Zander was still able to smell the N-1 starfighter's chromium. While Kordi and Rowan were dealing with Cooper, Zander took the opportunity to take the starfighter out for a joyride.[9]

Zander flew the N-1 starfighter through an asteroid field. Despite taking a few scratches, he ignored Cooper's astromech droid's plea to return to the hangar. He took the ship for another loop and was caught up in a dogfight between rebel A-wings and Imperial TIE fighters. Zander was then trapped by the tractor beam projector of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta and charged with subversive acts against the Empire. Zander was promptly arrested but managed to contact his siblings via hologram before being led away by stormtroopers.[9]

Zander was questioned by Darth Vader, who brought an interrogation droid. When Vader demanded information on the Rebellion, Zander instead took the opportunity to spill out irrelevant details of his life, leading Vader to deduce that he was either skilled at resisting interrogation or a complete imbecile. While Vader was distracted elsewhere, Zander's siblings and Naare managed to infiltrate the Vendetta and free Zander from his cell. The Freemakers and Naare then headed to the hangar only to be intercepted by Darth Vader and his stormtroopers.[9]

After failing to convince Vader that they were ship repair crew, Zander told Vader about his joyride on the N-1 starfighter. While initially disbelieving, Vader lost control when he saw the N-1 starfighter and took it for a joyride. The starfighter was pursued and damaged by several TIE fighters before Naare used the tractor beam projector to recapture the fighter. While Vader and his stormtroopers were distracted, Zander, his siblings, and Naare returned to The Wheel on their ships including the N-1 starfighter. Upon arriving back at the Freemaker Garage, they were greeted by a furious Wick Cooper, who expressed outrage at the major damage done to his N-1 starfighter. With the starship wrecked, Zander was forced by Kordi to give Cooper his beloved Blazemaker starfighter as compensation. However, the Blazemaker exploded and Zander remarked that he would adjustments for the Blazemaker Mark II.[9]

Adventure on Cloud City[]

The Freemakers on Cloud City

After seeing his younger brother Rowan express frustration about his "Jedi" lessons, Zander took his younger brother to the Wheel's Lower Ring in an effort to cheer him up. While Zander was watching a podrace, Rowan volunteered his services to the rebel and former entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, who wanted to reclaim a "lost treasure" that he had left behind on Cloud City. Zander and Kordi were annoyed that their younger brother had accepted a job without consulting them first. However, they decided to take up the job because they were short on money.[10]

Upon arriving at Cloud City, the Freemakers disguise themselves as mechanics and managed to gain admission to the carbon-freeze chamber. While Kordi headed to Calrissian's disco pad to recover his "lost treasure," Zander and Rowan headed into the carbon-freeze chamber. There, Rowan managed to repair a tube by reconnecting it with the Force. In the process, Rowan was accidentally frozen in carbonite. Shortly, they were rejoined by Kordi, Naare, and several of Graballa's henchmen including Dengar, Baash and Raam. A skirmish broke out, and Dengar and his associates stole Rowan's frozen body.[10]

Unable to keep up with the gangsters, Zander, Kordi and Naare headed into the engine room. There, Zander used Naare's lightsaber to sever the cable connecting Cloud City's repulsorlift generator. This prevented Graballa's henchmen from escaping but caused the city to fall into the depths of the planet Bespin. Amidst the chaos, the Freemakers managed to recover Rowan and Calrissian's treasure. After trapping Dengar and his associates in a cell, the Freemakers defrosted Rowan. Despite his hibernation sickness, Rowan managed to reconnect the cable in Cloud City's engine room, restoring the city to its floating position. Zander and his siblings then returned to the Freemaker Garage, where they handed Calrissian his "lost treasure," which turned out to be a blue cape. In return, Calrissian paid them several gold bars.[10]

Mission to Kashyyyk[]

The Freemakers and Roger on Kashyyyk

Short on funds, Zander and his family including Roger traveled to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk in order to obtain a piece of wroshyr wood. The Twi'lek noble Ignacio Wortan had promised the Freemakers a large sum of money in return for procuring the wood. Due to the Imperial blockade of Kashyyyk, Zander was reluctant to travel there. Unable to afford a translator droid, the Freemakers instead outfitted Roger with a translator chip. Despite the Imperial blockade, the Freemakers managed to land the StarScavenger in the jungles of Kashyyyk.[11]

Upon landing, they were greeted by several armed Wookiees led by Chief Attiburra. Roger attempted to translate but had his head knocked out by Attiburra. However, Zander's younger brother Rowan was able to speak Shyriiwook and managed to convince the Wookiees that they had only come for a piece of wroshyr wood. Attiburra gave them the wroshyr wood in return that the Freemakers rescue his son Tantarra from a Trandoshan island fortress. When Zander and Kordi attempted to walk out of the deal, Roger and Rowan convinced them that doing so would be considered dishonorable in Wookiee culture.[11]

Leaving Roger behind to guard the StarScavenger, the Freemakers traveled on speeder bikes to the island fortress. They used a catapult to enter the prison and convinced the Trandoshan guards that they were merely repair technicians. The Freemaker siblings managed to free Tantarra from his cell. They made arrangements for Roger to meet them with the StarScavenger at the prison. However, the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker quickly discovered their presence and sounded the alarm. Having completed their mission, Zander fired a flare gun, which signaled the Wookiees to begin the attack on the Trandoshans.[11]

Before they could board the StarScavenger, Rowan suddenly sensed the third Kyber Saber crystal inside the Trandoshan fortress. Zander and Kordi reluctantly followed Rowan and Tantarra into a chamber within the complex where the crystal was hidden inside a Trandoshan statue. Despite the ongoing fighting and bombardment outside, the Freemakers and Tantarra managed to retrieve the crystal and escape the fortress. After reuniting Tantarra with his father, the Freemakers went to meet Roger and the StarScavenger at a nearby clearing.[11]

However, Zander, Rowan, and Roger were cornered by Durpin and Plumestriker, who tried to force them to surrender. Zander and the others were saved by Kordi who struck the Imperial officers with her wroshyr wood panel. Unfortunately for them, the impact split the wroshyr wood. Upon returning to the Freemaker Garage, the Freemakers were greeted by Wortan who called off the deal due to the damaged state of the wroshyr wood panel. When his sister expressed frustration, Zander tried to comfort her by telling Kordi they gave the Wookiees hope. Kordi responded that hope did not pay their bills and rent. The two siblings then embraced each other.[11]

Helping the Rebellion[]

The Freemakers and Leia

Later, Zander and the Freemakers received another servicing job from Wick Cooper, who wanted them to repair his speeder bike. Shortly thereafter, the Freemakers were visited by two members of the Rebel Alliance, Princess Leia Organa and her brother Luke Skywalker. Leia and Luke had escaped a dogfight with Imperial TIE fighters and their Y-wing. Low on funds, the Freemakers agreed to repair the rebels' starfighter for a steep price. While Rowan, Roger, and Skywalker accidentally departed on an unplanned trip aboard the StarScavenger, Zander and Kordi were forced to hide Leia from the Imperial officer Estoc, who was looking for Luke and Leia.[12]

While evading Estoc, Zander and Kordi hid Leia inside a trash can. When Estoc approached, the Freemakers pretended they were taking out the trash. At Estoc's prompting, Zander and Kordi emptied their trash along with Leia into the incinerator. After Estoc had departed, the Freemakers saved Leia from being crushed with the trash. Estoc soon caught up with the Freemakers and Leia. While Kordi and Leia fled up into the Upper Ring, Zander used a probe droid to fling canisters at the pursuing stormtroopers. Later, Zander reunited with Kordi and Leia outside a diner, and they escaped on Cooper's speeder bike.[12]

After fleeing back to the Freemaker Garage, the Freemakers and Leia managed to trick Estoc by sending out their Y-wing as a decoy. With the destruction of the decoy, Estoc believed that Leia and Luke were dead and bought Zander and Kordi's story that they had been forced to help the rebel princess. When Luke arrived home with Rowan and Roger, Zander and Kordi allowed Luke and Leia to buy one of their Z-wings at a discounted rate. Due to their experiences, Zander and the other Freemakers became more sympathetic to the Rebellion.[12]

Trap on Tatooine[]

Zander and Ben Quadinaros

Later, Zander and his family received a job offer from the Tatooine-based podracer pilot Ben Quadinaros to service his podracer. The Freemakers traveled to Mos Espa to service Ben's podracer prior to the upcoming 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race. However, this turned out to be a ruse by the Hutt crime lord Graballa to trap the Freemakers. Graballa was after the Kyber Saber crystals and believed that Rowan could help him find them. Before Graballa could question the Freemakers, he was distracted by his cousin Jabba.[13]

Zander and the other Freemakers then took the opportunity to slip away. Pursued by Graballa's henchmen, the Freemakers had no choice but to participate in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic. During the race, they were pursued by the bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam, whom they had encountered earlier on Cloud City. With Zander taking the helm of the podracer, the Freemakers managed to not only outrun their pursuers but also win the race. After collecting a silver trophy, the Freemakers fled into the Dune Sea pursued by Graballa and his henchmen.[13]

Despite Rowan's protests, Zander and Kordi contacted Naare for help. The Freemakers then used a box of thermal detonators to keep Graballa's henchmen at bay until Naare arrived on the Eclipse Fighter. Naare managed to rescue Rowan but Zander, Kordi, and Roger were captured by Graballa's henchmen. However, Naare used her Force powers and lightsaber skills to drive away the gangsters and to rescue Zander and his family. They then traveled back to the Wheel together. However, Rowan discovered evidence that Naare was a Sith agent.[13]

Flight to Takodana[]

The Freemakers travel to the third moon of Takodana

Following the events on Tatooine, Rowan revealed Naare's true Sith identity to Zander, Kordi, and Roger. The Freemakers made preparations to flee their Garage aboard the StarScavenger. When Naare tried to knock on their door, Roger distracted her. However, Naare saw through the ruse and managed to force herself into the Freemaker Garage. Following a brief verbal altercation between Rowan and Naare, the Freemakers managed to flee into space aboard the StarScavenger.[7]

Zander took the StarScavenger into the nearby space traffic in an effort to lose Naare, who gave chase in her Eclipse Fighter. During the chase, the StarScavenger's deflector shield was damaged. When Naare offered to let them go in return for surrendering Rowan, Zander responded by clipping the Eclipse Fighter's wings. The Freemakers then fled into hyperspace. During the journey, Zander and Roger briefly argued about whether the Jedi or battle droids were the "real villains" of the Clone Wars.[7]

After losing the StarScavenger's quantum regulator, the Freemakers were force to exit hyperspace at the planet Takodana. Zander landed the StarScavenger at Maz Kanata's castle. While landing, Zander scratched the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka's starship. He was quickly captured by the Dowutin hunter Grummgar and another human gangster and brought before Hondo himself. Hondo demanded compensation but Zander admitted he was penniless. Rowan sprang to his defense but was no match for Hondo. Before the hostilities could escalate, Kordi intervened and convinced Hondo to let the Freemakers work for him as compensation. Hondo accepted Kordi's deal and sent the Freemakers on a mission to retrieve three golden orbs from the third moon of Takodana.[7]

Leaving the StarScavenger behind as collateral, the Freemakers traveled to Takodana aboard the Mini Scavenger. Following an uncomfortable ride, the Freemakers found their destination: a sinkhole where the golden orbs were stored. However, they found that the sinkhole was guarded by several varactyls. The Freemakers decided to mount their heist at night. While Rowan guarded the site, Zander and Kordi flew the scavenger vessel over the sinkhole. Roger was lowered into the sinkhole and reached the golden orbs. At Kordi's urging, Roger grabbed more than three.[7]

However, Roger lost his grip and dropped the golden orbs, startling the varactyls. The varactyls ripped Roger apart and tossed the harvester craft with Zander and Kordi still inside. Before any more harm could come to the Freemakers, Rowan intervened and used the Force to communicate with the varactyls. After realizing that the golden orbs were varactyl eggs, he apologized to the varactyls, who allowed the Freemakers to leave in peace. Zander then repaired Roger, who offered to pat his back in return.[7]

The Freemakers returned to Maz Kanata's castle to confront Hondo. Hondo was displeased that the Freemakers had failed in their errand and gave orders for his henchmen to crack heads. However, Maz intervened and expelled Hondo and his gang from the castle. Taking pity on the Freemakers, she gave Zander and Kordi a quantum regulator for free. She also gave Rowan the fourth Kyber Saber crystal before sending the Freemakers on their way.[7]

Race for the Crystals[]

The Freemakers on Naboo

Having repaired the StarScavenger's quantum regulator, the Freemakers made preparations to leave Takodana with the fourth Kyber Saber crystal. However, they came under attack from Naare, who had joined forces with the Hutt crime lord Graballa. Using the Force, Naare stole the fourth kyber crystal from Rowan. The Freemakers followed Naare on the StarScavenger into space but came under attack from Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist. They managed to flee into hyperspace.[14]

Once in hyperspace, the Freemakers resolved to prevent Naare from finding the remaining kyber crystals in order to prevent her from reforging the Kyber Saber. Realizing that the next two crystals were on Naboo and Ningoth, the Freemakers decided to travel to Ningoth first since it was an unpopulated ocean planet. While Roger stayed behind to look after the StarScavenger, Zander along with Kordi and Rowan descended into Ningoth's oceans in Zander's Bubbly Subbly. After some travel, the Freemakers found that the fifth Kyber Saber crystal was on the antennae of an opee sea killer. Following a struggle, the Freemakers convinced the creature to trade the crystal for their submarine's search light.[14]

Before the Freemakers could leave Ningoth, they were attacked by Naare and Graballa's ships. Zander managed to drag Naare's Eclipse Fighter underwater using the StarScavenger's chain. After a struggle, they managed to sever the chain and launch the sub into the StarScavenger's rear hold. Before they could shut the doors, Naare used the Force to snatch the fifth Kyber crystal out of Rowan's reach. Zander then ordered Roger to jump into hyperspace, triggering a wave that swamped Naare and Graballa's Rancor's Fist. With little choice, the Freemakers decided to travel to Naboo.[14]

After landing in Theed, Rowan sensed that the sixth Kyber Saber crystal was in the former Theed Royal Palace, which had been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. In order to infiltrate the museum, Zander smuggled Roger inside disguised as a Clone Wars exhibit. While walking through the halls, he encountered the now-Generals Durpin and Plumestriker, whom the Freemakers had encountered earlier on Kashyyyk. The guards did not recognize him due to his fake mustache. That night, Roger broke out of his glass display and let the other Freemakers into the museum. While searching for the crystal, Zander was distracted by the sight of an N-1 starfighter hanging from the ceiling. He climbed into the cockpit and toyed with the craft.[14]

However, Rowan accidentally toppled several of Emperor Palpatine's statues. One of the heads crashed into an exhibit of B1 battle droids who were still wielding working blasters. The blaster bolts ricocheted against the other objects and loosened one of the N-1 fighter's cables, causing it to crash into the Theed Hangar. Roger helped Zander out of the craft. Shortly, they were rejoined by Kordi, who was donning one of Queen Padmé Amidala's royal gowns.[14]

The Freemakers were then captured by Durpin, Plumestriker, and several stormtroopers. Recognizing the intruders, Durpin and Plumestriker ordered the stormtroopers to execute Zander and his family. However, Rowan disguised himself as Emperor Palpatine and ordered the Imperials to leave his donors alone. After the Imperials had left, Rowan discovered that the sixth Kyber Saber crystal was hidden inside Kordi's headdress. Before they could leave, the Freemakers were attacked by Naare and Dengar. During the gun battle, Zander tried to knock out the gun-wielding Dengar with a mug but missed. In the end, Roger chased the bounty hunter out with a blaster.[14]

Rowan toppled the N-1 fighter, creating a chain explosion that demolished the museum. Zander and his family managed to escape but were forced to leave the sixth crystal behind. Once aboard the StarScavenger, Zander and his siblings discussed how Naare managed to home in on them. At that point, Roger revealed that the transmission pack on his back had been transmitting since the events on Tatooine. Thus, the Freemakers discovered the source of their leak.[14]

Adventure on Zoh[]

The Freemakers run into trouble with N-3RO on Zoh

Following the events on Naboo, Zander and Kordi relieved Roger of his transmission pack. Both were angry with the battle droid for accidentally letting Naare track them down. When Rowan proposed seeking out the Maker of Zoh, Zander revealed that Zoh was a junkyard world. At Kordi and Rowan's urging, Zander set the StarScavenger on a course for Zoh. Upon landing on Zoh, the Freemakers discovered that someone had rearranged the junk into beautiful double helix structures. They soon encountered several local droids led by N-3RO. Despite Roger's attempts to convince the droids that his masters were friendly, N-3RO identified them as threats after learning that the Freemakers had removed Roger's transmission pack.[15]

A struggle between the Freemakers and the droids ensued until it was broken up by the former Sith clone Jek, who identified himself as the Maker of Zoh. He reassured N-3RO and the other droids that the Freemakers were friendly and allowed them to salvage junk on Zoh. While exploring Zoh's surface, Zander surmised that most of the junk was useless. He and Kordi expressed irritation with Roger when the battle droid accidentally collapsed a crescent-shaped structure that almost killed them. The two siblings then sent Roger back to the StarScavenger to "calibrate the recalibrators."[15]

While exploring the junkyard, they encountered N-3RO's lieutenant BL-OX, who convinced them that he could lead them to a place where they could salvage better spare parts. Walking down the hill, Zander and Kordi found themselves surrounded by N-3RO and his droid followers. N-3RO tied up Zander and Kordi and prepared to crush them with a crane. However, Rowan and Jek arrived on bikes. Jek tried to reason with N-3RO but the rogue droid was adamant on destroying the organics. Rowan then used the Force to create a flying machine to spirit Zander and Kordi to safety. However, it crashed into the scrap heap. Zander and Kordi were unhurt but were recaptured by the droids.[15]

N-3RO and his followers then proceeded to "decommission" the Freemakers and Jek, deeming the latter "irredeemable." Before they could carry out the sentence, Roger intervened and spoke up for his masters. Despite their previous disagreements, Roger stressed that he still loved his family and regarded himself as a Freemaker. Roger then reattached his transmission pack, which brought Naare and Graballa to Zoh. While Kordi thanked Roger for bring more "bad guys" to fight the "bad guys," Zander praised Roger for thinking like a Freemaker. At Jek's urging, the Freemakers fled aboard the StarScavenger while he held back Naare. Once in space, the Freemakers raced Naare and Graballa to Hoth.[15]

Race to Hoth[]

The Freemakers befriend a baby wampa

Zander and his family raced to Hoth on the StarScavenger with Naare and Graballa hot on their trail. While flying the ship, Zander remarked about having a holiday with his family instead of being pursued by the "bad guys." Upon learning there was a snowstorm on Hoth, Zander sarcastically remarked that he welcomed it. Zander was unable to see through the storm but his brother Rowan and Naare were able to see through the Force. The StarScavenger began to take hits from the Eclipse Fighter but Rowan tried to explain them away as lucky hits. In the end, Rowan managed to use his Force powers to guide the StarScavenger through the storm. The Freemakers' ship narrowly avoided colliding with a mountain but Naare and Graballa's forces crashed straight into it.[16]

Upon landing, Zander, Rowan, and Kordi explored a nearby cave which led to a network of tunnels while Roger guarded the ship. Inside the tunnel system, they encountered a baby wampa, which took a liking to Zander. The Freemakers soon stumbled into a chamber full of crystals. Rowan managed to find the seventh Kyber Saber crystal using the Force. However, the crystal was a keystone to a natural booby trap system and triggered a cave-in. With the help of Rowan's stolen lightsaber, the Freemakers managed to dig themselves out only to discover that the StarScavenger was stuck in a frozen lake. Roger managed to escape but his language processor was frozen and he could only utter the word "genius."[16]

The Freemakers managed to take a few tauntauns and use them to drag an improvised sledge fashioned from a snowspeeder. Together, the Freemakers traveled to Echo Base only to find it occupied by the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been sent to Hoth as punishment for their failure to stop the destruction of the Emperor Palpatine Museum. Durpin tried to drive the Freemakers away with his blaster while Plumestriker attempted to alert the Empire. The baby wampa then sprang to the Freemakers' defense and attacked Durpin. The mother wampa then drove the Imperials away. With Naare alerted to their presence, the Freemakers prepared for an assault.[16]

Combining their building skills and Rowan's Force powers, the Freemakers assembled an AT-AT walker and a snowspeeder. During the ensuing skirmish, Zander and Rowan flew the snowspeeder and managed to use their tow cable to rip the canopy of Dengar's fighter, causing it to crash. Meanwhile, Kordi's walker shot down Graballa's ship Rancor's Fist, which crashed and freed the StarScavenger from its frozen tomb. However, their snowspeeder was the shot down by Naare's Eclipse Fighter. The two brothers survived the crashed and watched as Kordi and Roger's AT-AT walker took down Naare's ship. In response, Naare unleashed an avalanche that toppled the Freemakers' walker.[16]

Zander and the other Freemakers managed to flee inside a cave. Naare then issued an ultimatum and offered to let them go if Rowan gave her the last Kyber Saber crystal. Despite Zander and Kordi's objections, Rowan decided to give in to Naare's demands and surrendered the crystal. However, he switched the real crystal with a block of ice. The Freemakers then fled with the real Kyber crystal aboard the StarScavenger. Once in space, the Freemakers agreed they could not return to their Garage and talked about traveling to different places including Kamino and Tatooine. Zander and Kordi were upset when Rowan left with Roger and the last crystal on the Freemaker scavenger vessel in order to keep them safe from Naare.[16]

Return to the Wheel[]

Kordi and Zander searching for Rowan

After the events on Hoth, Zander and Kordi traveled to several worlds including Naboo, Bespin, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine in an attempt to find their younger brother Rowan. After getting their tools stolen by Jawas on Tatooine, the two decided to return to the Freemaker Garage on the Wheel. Unknown to them, they were being tailed by the Kubaz spy Garindan, who reported on their movements to Graballa. Upon arriving back at the Wheel, they were greeted by their landlord Furlac, who demanded payment for their rent and compensation for their damaged garage door. Zander and his sister were then ambushed by Naare, Graballa, and his henchmen, who were still looking for Rowan.[17]

Despite being put into chains, Zander and Kordi refused to cooperate. To lure Rowan out of hiding, Naare decided to torture the two siblings by destroying their prized possessions. In Zander's presence, she damaged the StarScavenger and destroyed several of his starfighters before burning Kordi's credits. This caused Zander and Kordi much emotion distress, which was picked up through the Force by Rowan. As planned, Rowan and Roger returned to the Wheel in their scavenger vessel. However, Rowan had improved his lightsaber skills and Force powers. Using these new-found skills and powers, Rowan attacked Naare and Graballa's henchmen and managed to free Zander and Kordi from their restraints.[17]

Zander and Kordi then became involved in a gun battle against Graballa and his henchmen. While Kordi distracted Baash and Raam, Zander trapped them in a magnetizer. Zander also fired a gas canister at Graballa himself, knocking the Hutt into Baash and Raam, who were still clinging onto the magnetizer. Meanwhile, Rowan managed to fight Naare to a standstill. However, Naare learnt that Roger knew the location of the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. She beheaded the battle droid and stole her head. Before Zander and Kordi could stop her, she used debris to pin them down. Naare then turned on Graballa and his henchmen and used the Force to drive them out of the Freemaker Garage. After burying Rowan beneath a heap of debris, Naare departed with Roger's head in the Eclipse Fighter.[17]

After Naare had left, Zander and Kordi dug Rowan out of the debris. While Rowan was unhurt, he was despondent that he had failed to stop Naare and opined that he was no Jedi. At that point, Rowan experienced an epiphany and realized that he was neither a Jedi nor Sith but a Freemaker above all else. Together, the Freemakers vowed to defeat Naare.[17]

Showdown on Coruscant[]

Zander flying the Blazemaker Mark II over Coruscant

After Rowan repaired the Freemaker Garage and the StarScavenger, he proposed stealing the Kyber Saber from Naare by impersonating the Emperor. Zander and Kordi thought their brother's plan had little chance of success but agreed to support it nonetheless. The Freemakers traveled to the galactic capital of Coruscant where they infiltrated the Imperial Palace through the sewers. Meanwhile, Naare recovered the Kyber Saber and rebelled against the Emperor. She traveled back to Coruscant and used the Kyber Saber to wipe out the orbiting Imperial fleet.[4]

After Rowan managed to infiltrate the Imperial Palace, Zander and Kordi headed back to the StarScavenger. On they way, they found Roger's head, which had been discarded by Naare. The Freemakers then saved several civilians including Wick Cooper who had been thrown down a platform by an enraged Naare for not accepting her as Empress. Zander and Kordi then picked up Rowan after he had successfully stolen the Kyber Saber from Naare and the Emperor. They then fled on their ship through the sky lanes of Coruscant but were pursued by TIE fighters.[4]

During the dogfight, Zander flew in the Blazemaker Mark II and used it to destroy several of the pursuing TIE fighters. Zander and his family then fled into hyperspace aboard the StarScavenger. After Rowan destroyed the Kyber Saber on Sullust, the Freemakers decide not to return to the Wheel, because the Empire had placed a bounty on Rowan's head. They instead decided to travel the stars as a family. Soon, they encountered the Alliance Fleet led by Admiral Ackbar, who had heard of Rowan's exploits and invited them to join the Rebel Alliance.[4]

Joining the Rebellion[]

Bartering across the galaxy[]

After receiving Admiral Ackbar's invitation, Zander and his siblings boarded the MC80 star cruiser Home One. Once aboard, they exchanged pleasantries with Admiral Ackbar. When the rebels learned that Lieutenant Valeria needed a new Type A vector coil for her U-wing, Kordi volunteered. In return the Admiral agreed to give the Freemakers a job if they found a new Type A vector coil. While Zander doubted they could find one, Rowan counselled his older brother to leave it to their sister Kordi.[18]

The Freemakers then traveled to several worlds including Bespin, Takodana, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine where Kordi bartered an ignition switch for several other objects including a comlink degausser, an ion projector, a Type Two power cell, a repulsor disc, and finally a Type A vector coil. While Kordi obtained the vector coil from a Jawa band on Tatooine, Zander along with Rowan and Roger were caught in the tentacles of a sarlacc. After returning to Home One with the vector coil, a grateful Admiral Ackbar offered the Freemakers a job servicing the Alliance Fleet's starfighters.[18]

Roger to the rescue[]

Later, Zander and Rowan were repairing the StarScavenger when Roger returned from an unsuccessful attempt to befriend the local droids. While Kordi and Rowan consoled Roger, Zander continued repairing the ships. Shortly, an Imperial Star Destroyer attacked the Home One. While Zander was fixing an A-wing starfighter, Roger "borrowed" a power cell to build a buffer. While testing the buffer, Roger accidentally catapulted himself into space and destroyed the Star Destroyer's deflector shield generator, turning the tide of the battle. Zander cheered after the Home One destroyed the Star Destroyer and asked where Roger was. Zander later attended Roger's award ceremony. After Roger tested the buffer and was catapulted into space again, Zander remarked that Roger had forgotten to refine the machine.[19]

Assault on Strike Station Aurek[]

Zander and Kordi serviced Blue Squadron's starfighters prior to their assault on Strike Station Aurek. Roger, who was baking sweet-sand cookies, bumped into Rowan, who was standing on top of a stack of containers while eavesdropping on Lieutenant Valeria's briefing. This caused the containers to crash on the starfighters in a domino effect, damaging them. While Rowan and Roger repaired the starfighters, Zander and Kordi tried to delay Valeria and Blue Squadron by pretending to carry an S-foil. Valeria blasted through the wing, causing Zander and Kordi to panicked. Fortunately for them, Rowan had used his Force powers to rebuild the starfighters. However, the Freemakers encountered an unexpected problem when Roger built himself into the astromech socket of Valeria's Y-wing.[20]

While Zander and Kordi fretted, Roger and Rowan flew with Valeria and Blue Squadron for the attack on Strike Station Aurek. With the help of Rowan, the rebels succeeded in destroying the Imperial base. After Rowan and Roger returned, Zander and Kordi praised Rowan for having the Force with him.[20]

Zander's first dogfight[]

Later, Zander tried to convince Admiral Ackbar to let him fly a starfighter. Ackbar directed him to Lieutenant Valeria, who said that Blue Squadron did not have anymore starfighters to spare. Zander then showed her his personal starfighter Blazemaker Mark II. Despite complimenting his workmanship and enthusiasm, Valeria turned down his offer because his starfighter did not have blasters. Valeria and her squadron then left to rebuff an Imperial counter-attack.[21]

Kordi, Rowan, and Roger encouraged Zander not to give up and helped him to fit the Blazemaker Mark II with laser cannons. Despite the misgivings of his siblings, Zander installed a magma cannon on top of the fuselage. The heavy weight of the magma cannon slowed down the Blazemaker Mark II but Zander managed to leave the hangar. Once in space, Zander destroyed several TIE Interceptors and TIE fighters. This won Valeria's respect. Zander then tried to destroy the three remaining TIE fighters but his magma cannon malfunctioned, causing the Blazemaker Mark II to explode.[21]

Zander survived and was flung against the window of the Home One. When Zander admitted he had gone too far, Rowan reassured him that he was still a hero to the Rebellion.[21]

Rescuing Lando and Chewbacca[]

Zander accompanied Kordi and Rowan on a mission to rescue Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca from an Imperial blockade. Their mission involved delivering a fuel intermixer to the two rebel agents, whose ship the Millennium Falcon was stranded on a planet. The Freemakers traveled in the StarScavenger towards the Imperial blockade. As part of the plan, they allowed themselves to be boarded by Durpin and Plumestriker's Gozanti-class cruiser.[22]

At Kordi's urging, Zander and his siblings feigned symptoms of the Gamorrean flu. Durpin was fooled, but Plumestriker saw through their ruse. The Freemakers were imprisoned, and their cargo was confiscated. However, this was all part of their plan. Rowan used his Force powers to reassemble Roger, who then knocked out the stormtrooper sentries and freed them. While Rowan stole the Imperial cruiser's fuel intermixer, Zander and Roger went to start up the StarScavenger's engines. They then detached from the Imperial cruiser and went to rendezvous with Lando and Chewbacca.[22]

On the planet, the Freemakers were hugged by Chewbacca. After installing the fuel intermixer aboard the Falcon, the rebels returned together to the Home One. Lando praised the Freemakers for helping him a second time and thanked Admiral Ackbar for recruiting them. The Freemakers expressed gratitude but Roger interjected to inform them that he had left his leg aboard the Gozanti cruiser.[22]

Mission to Tibalt[]

Zander and his siblings later serviced Lieutenant Valeria's A-wing. The ship did not start up until Zander fixed the aft power coupling. A short time later, the Imperial Navy attacked the Alliance Fleet. Zander helped the Alliance ground crew launch the starfighters into battle. The deployment of a squadron of B-wings enabled the Alliance fleet to escape into hyperspace. Zander was alarmed by the damage to the rebel starfighters, but Valeria joked that he could fix them because he was "Zander Freemaker, Superstar Pilot Guy."[23]

His sister Kordi proposed a salvage run to the planet Tibalt, which had been the site of a recent battle. At the request of General Hera Syndulla, the Freemakers brought the Mon Calamari shipbuilder Quarrie along. During the journey, Zander was annoyed when Quarrie took issue with his modifications to the StarScavenger and began modifying them. After landing, Zander flew the Mini Scavenger and used it to lift a wrecked A-wing. Shortly, Rowan was kidnapped by the Imperial hunter droid M-OC, who lured him inside his starship Tracker I.[23]

Rowan, the other Freemakers, and Quarrie pursued the Tracker I in the StarScavenger and managed to shoot at one of the ship's blade wings. Rowan managed to cut himself out of the Tracker I with his lightsaber and Force jump into the StarScavenger's scoop. However, M-OC refused to give up the chase and attacked the StarScavenger. Zander began to sense fear because M-OC was a better pilot. M-OC shot one of the StarScavenger's engines, causing the ship to crash. While Rowan fought with M-OC, Zander and the others rushed behind an old starship. Kordi and Quarrie managed to rig the ship to crash into M-OC and the Tracker I.[23]

The Freemakers and Quarrie then fled into space before M-OC could pursue them. During the return journey, Zander asked his little brother if the "thing" was a bounty hunter. Rowan replied that M-OC had been sent by the Emperor to find him. After returning to the Home One, Quarrie agreed to take on Rowan as his new apprentice. Later, Zander and his siblings were sleeping when Rowan experienced a Force vision showing him building a starship called the Arrowhead. Shortly, Zander stirred from his sleep.[23]

Rowan's errant mission[]

Later, Zander managed to repair the Rebel pilot Grayson's X-wing by removed a cracked coolant compensator. Lieutenant Valeria praised Zander's workmanship. Soon, Rowan arrived and told Zander about his planned trip to the ancient Force Builders city of Alistan Nor. Quarrie tried to interject, but Zander was not interested. Zander also gave permission for Rowan and Quarrie to hang out aboard the StarScavenger. After Rowan and Quarrie had left, Zander pleaded unsuccessfully for Valeria to give him a place in Blue Squadron.[24]

After Kordi had finished her presentation, the two siblings met up, and Zander complained about not being allowed to fly anything but the StarScavenger. The two then discovered that Rowan had borrowed the StarScavenger for his trip to Alistan Nor. With the Rebel Alliance unable to spare any ships, the two siblings set to work building a new ship out of spare parts. Zander and Kordi managed to finish building the ship. However, the ship was demolished when Rowan returned in the StarScavenger and failed to apply the brakes.[24]

Zander and Kordi reprimanded Rowan for taking the StarScavenger on an unauthorized mission but accepted they had given vague instructions. After reconciling, the three siblings visited Quarrie's garage, where Rowan assembled a model of the Arrowhead. When Zander and Kordi expressed unease about obtaining the spare parts, Rowan replied that saving the galaxy would not be an easy thing.[24]

Undercover on Mygeeto[]

While Zander and Rowan were studying a model of the Arrowhead, Rowan realized that they needed an embersteel blade. When Quarrie opined that obtaining one would be difficult, Kordi came up with a plan to purchase a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle, which was equipped with embersteel wings, from the Imperial auction on Mygeeto. Kordi managed to obtain a 75,000-credit loan from the Alliance leadership. For the mission, Kordi disguised herself as the Clawdite Princess Alo Kortessi. She planned to use her bargaining skills to obtain the Theta-class shuttle. Zander and Rowan disguised themselves as her servants.[25]

Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, Zander detached the StarScavenger from its cargo hold. Though Kordi convinced the stormtrooper sentries that she was "Princess Kortessi," the Freemakers encountered an unexpected obstacle when the Cerean auctioneer informed them that it was customary for servants to do the bidding at the Mygeeto Auction House. During the bidding ceremony, Zander was mesmerized by an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. Despite Rowan and Kordi's objections, he bid for the starfighter, believing that it was just worth 65 credits. However, the starship was worth 65,000 credits, leaving the Freemakers short of the money needed to obtain the shuttle.[25]

Zander tried to convince the Cerean auctioneer that he had made a mistake, but the auctioneer told him that all bids were final. Kordi angrily confronted Zander in private and castigated him for his impulsiveness. The Freemaker's predicament was further complicated when one of Graballa's minions Raam accidentally bid for the Theta-class shuttle. Posing as Princess Kortessi, Kordi tried to trade the Jedi light interceptor for the shuttle. However, Graballa kidnapped her with the hope of extorting a ransom from the Clawdite royal family. Zander gave chase in the Jedi light interceptor while Rowan followed in the StarScavenger.[25]

Zander and Rowan caught up with Graballa's ship Rancor's Fist in space. The two brothers led Dengar's starfighters on a chase before landing their ships in the Rancor's Fist's hangar bay. They managed to reunite with Kordi, who had tricked Graballa into freeing her by posing as a business adviser. Before they could leave, Dengar crash-landed his starfighter into Zander's Jedi light interceptor. After besting Dengar, the Freemakers escaped in their ships with Kordi flying the Theta shuttle.[25]

After returning to the Home One, Zander and Kordi reconciled. Zander installed the frontal cannons onto the Arrowhead while Kordi installed the embersteel blades. When Zander joked about Kordi's plan not being airtight, Kordi warned her older brother that it was still a raw matter.[25]

Rescuing Bren Derlin[]

Later, Zander and Kordi were assigned by Admiral Ackbar on a mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin, who had escaped from an Imperial Star Destroyer and was in an escape pod in a junk field near the planet Taul. Zander and his younger siblings departed on the StarScavenger. During the journey, his younger brother Rowan convinced Zander to take a brief detour to Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana to seek information about the Corellian Defender, the only ship whose proton suspension housing was big enough to store a giant kyber crystal.[26]

At Maz Kanata's castle, Zander and his siblings encountered the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who had hired them to steal varactyl eggs. While the Freemakers still distrusted him, Hondo managed to convince them that he could help them locate a Corellian Defender on the planet Taul in return for safe passage offworld. Hondo had incurred the wrath of the bounty hunter Awan Zek by cheating him in a game of sabacc. Following a brief skirmish with Awan Zek and his Rodian associates, the Freemakers and Hondo managed to escape offworld on the StarScavenger. However, Awan and his associates recognized Rowan and alerted the Empire, who sent M-OC after them.[26]

Aboard the StarScavenger, Hondo managed to ingratiate himself with Zander and Rowan but Kordi remained aloof. Upon entering Taul's atmosphere, Zander and his siblings discovered that Taul was an inhospitable world with acid rain and lakes, violent lightning storms, and falling debris. After landing the StarScavenger, the Freemakers navigated their way through the dangerous terrain to the site of a wrecked Corellian Defender. After Rowan was unable to levitate the ship out of an acidic lake, Kordi convinced her brothers to use the Mini Scavenger to extract the proton suspension housing from the ship. While Zander operated the controls, Rowan recovered the proton suspension housing before the Corellian Defender sank into the acidic lake.[26]

Before the Freemakers could resume their search for Bren Derlin, they discovered that Hondo had stolen the StarScavenger and fled offworld. The Freemakers were then accosted by M-OC, who destroyed the Mini Scavenger with the Tracker I. Unable to fight the relentless M-OC, who was capable of self-regeneration, the Freemakers fled through Taul's harsh landscape while braving the storms and falling debris. The Freemakers managed to cross an acidic lake, but M-OC followed by activating his rocket boosters. Though Rowan knocked him into the lake by hurling his lightsaber, M-OC sprouted spidery legs and continued the pursuit. In the end, Rowan electrocuted the droid by hurling a metal pole into the lake that was struck by lightning.[26]

The Freemakers were then rescued by Roger, who had overpowered and locked Hondo Ohnaka in a sealed canister. Zander and his siblings then rescued Bren Derlin and destroyed two marauding TIE fighters in the process. After Kordi reported their successful mission to Admiral Ackbar, Rowan and Roger returned Hondo to Awan Zek on Takodana.[26]

Return to the Wheel[]

With his younger brother Rowan seeking to obtain an energy matrix activator for the Arrowhead, Zander recalled that the Freemakers had one at their garage. The Freemakers traveled back to the Wheel. While Roger stayed in the Lower Ring to hack into the Wheel's guidance systems, Zander accompanied his brother and sister up into the Middle Ring.[27]

They quickly discovered that Wick Cooper had transformer their former home and garage into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club." To avoid attention, the Freemakers decided to infiltrate the former garage at night with the help of Roger. However, their plan experienced an unexpected obstacle when Roger was accosted by several Ranats, who wanted to steal his datapad.[27]

Despite alerting an alarm, the Freemakers managed to avoid attention by claiming they were workers from the "Midnight Cafeteria Services." However, their former landlord Furlac informed Graballa and his bounty hunters Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, and IG-88 who captured them. Graballa intended to collect an Imperial bounty on Rowan, hoping to regain Lord Vader's favor and to find more kyber crystals.[27]

Kordi managed to free them by instigating a fight between their captors, exploiting the tensions between the droid and organic bounty hunters. Zander and his siblings escaped on a speeder bike and managed to lose their bounty hunter pursuers in a chase through the marketplace. However, Zander was distracted by the sight of his love interest Becky Smoochenbacher and crashed into a column.[27]

At the advice of Rowan, the Freemakers stole some stormtrooper armor and infiltrated their former garage. They managed to steal the energy matrix activator and headed to a turbolift. However, Vader commandeered the lift and took them to the Upper Ring. Meanwhile, Roger managed to escape his Ranat pursuers and used a trapdoor to bring Zander and the others back to the Lower Ring. Despite missing Becky, Zander accompanied his family back to the Rebellion.[27]

Mission to Qalydon[]

After Kordi obtained a list of worlds with kyber crystals, Zander and the other Freemakers traveled to the planet Qalydon on a mission to obtain a kyber crystal to build the Arrowhead. They encountered a Lurmen village. The locals were initially hostile, thinking that the Freemakers were working for the Empire to collect kyber crystals. However, Kordi managed to convince the locals of their peaceful intentions. Though Chief Biz was convinced,[28]

That night, the Freemakers socialized with Chief Biz, his wife Elan, and their daughter Maynar. Since the Lurmen were unwilling to give up their kyber crystal necklaces which they used commune with the Force, Zander asked if they had a map, compass or old legend to help them find more crystals. Biz revealed that the crystal necklaces were all the crystals that they had. Shortly later, Imperial forces under Durpin and Plumestriker raided the village, captured Zander, Kordi, and Roger, and pillaged the villagers' crystals.[28]

Rowan and Maynar managed to use the StarScavenger's laser cannons to drive the Imperials away but they escaped on their Gozanti-class cruiser. Rowan shot the cruiser's hyperdrive and rear stabilizer, causing it to crash in the mountains. With the villagers distraught over the loss of their crystals, Zander and his siblings traveled on a stolen Imperial tug to recover them from the Imperials. Kordi and Zander disguised themselves as Imperial technicians who offered to repair the damaged Gozanti cruiser.[28]

Posing as "TK-42987156", Zander repaired the hyperdrive under Kordi's supervision. Rowan meanwhile managed to recover the crystals but discovered that Maynar had followed them. The two were attacked by the Imperial hunter droid M-OC, who took Maynar hostage. Zander rammed his tug into M-OC, allowing Maynar to escape with the kyber crystals. When Plumestriker and Durpin pursued Maynar, Zander and Kordi subdued them long enough for Maynar to climb over the gorge. Rowan managed to defeat M-OC by entombing the hunter droid in wreckage.[28]

However, Plumestriker and Durpin stole back the crystal necklaces and fled aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser, whose hyperdrive Zander had repaired. After Roger returned with the StarScavenger, the Freemakers pursued the Imperials to the Marriten system where Rowan recovered them at gunpoint. They then returned Maynar and the crystals to the Lurmen village. The Freemakers then continued their quest for a kyber crystal for the Arrowhead.[28]

A rough landing[]

After departing Qalydon, Zander along with Kordi and Roger tried to keep things quiet so that Rowan could use the Force to probe the location of more kyber crystals. Though neither silence nor noise work, Rowan was able to improve his concentration in the midst of tension. Rowan managed to home in on a planet twelve parsecs from the planet Terminus in the Outer Rim. Though M-OC tracked them down, the Freemakers managed to escape on the StarScavenger to the planet that Rowan had sensed through the Force.[29]

The Freemakers survived their crash-landing on the "crystal planet" but the StarScavenger was damaged. While Rowan and Kordi set out to find kyber crystals, Zander and Roger stayed behind to repair the ship. Their repair work was hampered by a flock of mynocks, which proceeded to drain the StarScavenger's power. Zander and Roger tried to drive the mynocks away with the ship's cannons but ended up tilting the ship when they triggered a field of kyber crystals.[29]

With the mynocks draining the StarScavenger's supplies, Zander came up with the idea of outfitting Roger with a jetpack and sending him to lure the mynocks away. Zander managed to complete the repairs in time for Rowan and Kordi to return with the ship's stabilizing fin and a large kyber crystal. After picking up Roger, they departed to rendezvous with the Alliance fleet.[29]

Flying the Arrowhead[]

Having obtained the giant kyber crystal, the Freemakers flew back to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack from the Galactic Empire. Zander flew the ship through the space battle while Kordi manned the ship's guns. After escaping several TIE fighters, Zander managed to land the StarScavenger back aboard the Home One.[30]

However, Quarrie believed it was too dangerous to assemble the Arrowhead in the middle of a space battle and decided that the ship had to be assembled on a safer world. Zander volunteered to fly the incomplete Arrowhead but Quarrie instead opted to draw upon the services of the seasoned rebel pilot Valeria. While Zander flew the StarScavenger with Kordi and Roger, Valeria flew the Arrowhead with Rowan and Quarrie.[30]

After braving through the space battle a second time, the Freemakers and their rebel allies traveled via hyperspace to the planet Jakku, a remote barren world. Though Zander managed to land the StarScavenger safely in the desert, Valeria landed the Arrowhead in a patch of quick sand. The Arrowhead sank into the sand and exploded.[30]

Though the Freemakers and the rebels managed to find the pieces of the Arrowhead, they discovered to their dismay that the energy matrix activator had fallen into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker. Zander and Roger attempted to recover the energy matrix activator but were captured by the Imperials, who wanted to collect a bounty on Rowan.[30]

Later that night, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and approached Durpin and Plumestriker, attempting to recover the energy matrix activator and free her family. However, Plumestriker saw through her trick and captured Kordi. Fortunately for the Freemakers, Kordi's true plan was to distract the Imperials while Valeria knocked them out. The Freemakers and Valeria then fled on the Mini Scavenger but were pursued by Durpin and Plumestriker's AT-ST walker.[30]

While Rowan and Quarrie finished rebuilding the Arrowhead, Valeria and Zander held back the Imperials. Valeria distracted the Imperial walker with her blaster but was knocked to the ground. Before the Imperials could finish her off, Zander rammed the Mini Scavenger into them. This distracted Durpin and Plumestriker long enough for Zander to fly the Arrowhead on its first test flight. Zander used the Arrowhead's embersteel blade to slice through the Imperial walker.[30]

With the Arrowhead completed, the Freemakers and their rebel allies returned to the rebel fleet. Zander and Rowan helped to turn the tide of the battle by slicing through a Star Destroyer, causing it to explode. The remaining Imperial ships retreated. Zander and his siblings were lauded as heroes by the Rebellion. Zander was promoted to flight cadet while his sister Kordi was promoted to quartermaster and Rowan to Master Ship Builder.[30]

Flying for the Rebellion[]

Following the construction of the Arrowhead, the Freemakers aided Lieutenant Valeria's rebel and Wookiee forces during a skirmish on Kashyyyk. Despite Zander incorrectly programming the navigation computer, the Freemakers managed to answer Valeria's call for help and destroyed an AT-ST walker and three AT-AT walkers.[31]

After flying back to the Home One, the Freemakers were greeted as heroes by the Rebellion. Lieutenant Valeria invited Zander to join her Blue Squadron, an offer which he gratefully accepted. Later, his sister Kordi, who was appointed to the Alliance's Strategy Council, convinced the Rebel Alliance to attack a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers docking near Alzoc III for repairs.[31]

Working with Valeria's Blue Squadron, Zander attacked the Star Destroyers with the Arrowhead, using the ship's Embersteel Blade to slice them in half. Despite being caught in the tractor beam of Commander Estoc's Star Destroyer Desolator, Valeria managed to free his ship by destroying the tractor beam projector. Zander than demolished Estoc's Star Destroyer.[31]

A triumphant Zander turned home where he was greeted by a jubilant Kordi. However, their victory was overshadowed by news from Roger that their brother Rowan Freemaker had been captured by Darth Vader.[31]

Rescuing Rowan[]

After learning of Rowan's capture, Zander and Kordi met with the Alliance leaders Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, and General Syndulla to seek help in rescuing Rowan. Zander also wanted to borrow the Arrowhead and Alliance forces including 20 X-wings. However, the rebel leadership was preoccupied with preparing for the upcoming Battle of Endor and refused to sanction the mission.[32]

Unwilling to abandon Rowan, Zander, Kordi, and Roger decided to steal the Arrowhead. However, they encountered Lieutenant Valeria. At Zander's signal, Roger attempted to knock out Valeria but was overpowered by the rebel fighter. Taking pity on the Freemakers, Valeria allowed to borrow the Arrowhead.[32]

Arriving in the Coruscant system, Zander and Kordi used the Arrowhead to destroy three Star Destroyers and several TIE fighters. Rowan then dropped Zander and Kordi at the top of the Imperial Palace. They knocked out two Royal Guards and stole their uniforms. Zander and Kordi managed to rescue Rowan, who had been sentenced to execution after Darth Vader had probed his mind for the location of Baird Kantoo's crystal planet.[32]

They attempted to rendezvous with Roger aboard the Arrowhead. However, M-OC hijacked the Arrowhead and used the starship to attack the Freemakers, causing them to fall off the battlements of the Imperial Palace. Rowan managed to use the Force save Kordi and Zander from falling to their deaths. After retrieving Roger, they escaped on an "Ugly" that Rowan had built. While Zander and Rowan were upset for losing the Arrowhead and allowing the Empire to get its hands on more crystals, Roger reassured them that they were still alive. Meanwhile, the Emperor sent M-OC to destroy the Freemakers once and for all.[32]

Skirmish on Shantipole[]

M-OC, who was now flying the Arrowhead, caught up with Zander and his family in the Coruscant system. The Freemakers tried to surrender but M-OC rejected their pleas, determined to exterminate them. Before he could destroy their "Ugly", the Freemakers were rescued by Quarrie, who was flying the StarScavenger. The Freemakers and Quarrie then fled into hyperspace.[33]

However, M-OC managed to track down the Freemakers using an XX-23 S-thread tracker. After M-OC pursued them through an asteroid field, Quarrie convinced the Freemakers to travel to the stormy planet of Shantipole, where he had a base. Braving the turbulent conditions, Zander managed to land the StarScavenger at Quarrie's base, narrowly avoiding crashing into a mountain.[33]

After landing, Zander was pleased to discover that Quarrie's base had several items including a Koro-2 all-environment Exodrive airspeeder chassis, swoop bike engines, and a Nubian 150 hyperdrive core. However, Zander and Kordi discovered that Quarrie's base lacked communications equipment. Since it was too risky to warn the Rebellion that the Empire had an operational second Death Star, the Freemakers decided that they had to eliminate M-OC as a threat.[33]

Working together, the Freemakers and Quarrie attached a tractor beam projector to the StarScavenger and baited M-OC. While Zander and Kordi flew the ship, Quarrie used the tractor beam to drag the Arrowhead down into Shantipole's atmosphere. When the tractor beam projector was knocked out, Zander contacted Roger and Rowan, who were waiting in the Mini Scavenger.[33]

After Rowan managed to remove the Arrowhead's kyber crystal, a tearful Zander set the StarScavenger on a collision course with the Arrowhead before bailing out with Kordi and M-OC. Though both starships were destroyed, M-OC survived the crash and confronted the Freemakers. However, Rowan managed to convince him to end the hunt by claiming that his programming was flawed. Unfortunately, this convinced M-OC that the second Death Star had a design flaw and he left to rectify it.[33]

Battle of Endor[]

Following M-OC's departure, Zander was initially dismayed by the loss of the StarScavenger but encouraged Rowan to build a new ship out of the wreckage. Rowan managed to build an elongated version of the StarScavenger, which incorporated elements of the Arrowhead including the Embersteel Blade. Zander then used his flying skills to get the StarScavenger out of Shantipole's stormy atmosphere, earning the praise of Kordi.[34]

They traveled to the planet Sullust, where the rebel fleet had been massing. However, the rebel fleet had already departed to attack the second Death Star. Though they were unable to warn the rebels that they were flying into a trap, Zander refused to sit back and let the Rebellion be destroyed. Rowan then sensed the Kyber Saber, which they had believed to be destroyed, calling to them from a lava lake on Sullust. After retrieving the Kyber Saber, the Freemakers and Quarrie traveled to the Endor system.[34]

While Zander flew the ship, Rowan used the Kyber Saber to power the Embersteel Blade, allowing the StarScavenger to pierce through the second Death Star's deflector shield. Breaching a hangar, the Freemakers and Quarrie fought with stormtroopers but were taken prisoner. Fortunately for them, they were freed by Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher, who retrieved the Kyber Saber and defected to the Rebellion.[34]

While Becky escaped the second Death Star, the Freemakers headed to a command center where they discovered that the second Death Star's shield generator had been disabled. Though Zander and Kordi wanted to help Rowan defeat M-OC, Rowan was unwilling to endanger his family and used the Force to shove them up a turbolift. While Zander was shocked, Roger, who knew Rowan, was not.[34]

The Freemakers and Quarrie headed back to the StarScavenger but were attacked by stormtroopers. They managed to lose their pursuers, who fell down a bridge. After boarding the StarScavenger, the Freemakers rescued Rowan, who defeated M-OC once and for all in the second Death Star's reactor core.[34]

Following the Battle of Endor, the Freemakers joined the other rebels including Quarrie and Valeria at the rebel celebrations in Bright Tree Village. When Rowan asked what they would do next, Zander said that it was a big galaxy and that he did not know. Kordi replied that it would need a lot of rebuilding, a sentiment shared by Roger.[34]

Later years[]

Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, Freemaker had a daughter named Moxie.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Your father once plowed his ship right threw my front door. And then had the audacity to declare himself... what was it?"
"Superstar pilot guy."
"Ha! Yes, yes."
―Maz Kanata and Moxie Freemaker discussing Zander[35]

Zander Freemaker as a toddler

Zander was a self-described daredevil racing enthusiast. He was skilled with tools and obsessed with starships. Zander also took good care of his hair and appearance.[36] Zander was the Freemaker family's leading mechanic and helped keep the family business Freemaker Salvage and Repair afloat.[3] Despite being a skilled and creative starship mechanic, Zander had poor impulse control and could be reckless at times. Zander's On one occasion, he took a vintage N-1 starfighter owned by a wealthy Freemaker customer named Wick Cooper on a joyride and wrecked the starship.[9]

Despite his flaws, Zander was a loving and supportive big brother to his sister Kordi and brother Rowan. While Zander was sometimes annoyed by Kordi's serious approach to life,[10] he still sympathized and supported her efforts to manage the family's expenses and bills.[11] Zander looked after Rowan and tried to cheer him up on a number occasions.[10] The two got on well, and Zander often liked to display his starship repairing skills to Rowan.[9] While Zander was not as closely attached to the battle droid Roger, they still got on well, and Zander repaired Roger on a few occasions.[7] Despite their respectful relationship, he was still annoyed with Roger's clumsy antics such as letting Naare track them down[14] and Roger's pessimistic outlook.[15]

Zander had a humorous view of life even in the direst of circumstances. He once told Darth Vader his entire life story while being interrogated after taking Cooper's N-1 starfighter into the middle of a dogfight between Imperial and rebel forces.[9] Zander found Naare attractive[8] but turned against the female Force-wielder after learning that she was a Sith agent.[7] Zander had an uneasy relationship with Wick Cooper, who took every opportunity to belittle Zander and to warn him not to damage his vehicles.[12] He even said things like "Zander Freemaker, superstar pilot guy."[7]

Due to his impulsive and carefree personality, Zander found it hard to concentrate on tasks. On one occasion, he allowed himself to get distracted by another N-1 starfighter while helping Rowan to find the sixth Kyber Saber crystal.[14] Despite his friendly and vibrant persona, Zander did display annoyance and disapproval on a few occasions. On one occasion, he was disappointed with Rowan when he took the StarScavenger on a quest to find the second Kyber Saber crystal.[8] On another occasion, Zander was annoyed with Roger for almost killing them by accidentally toppling a crescent-shaped structure on Zoh.[15]

Zander was a team player who cared for his family.[20] He also desired to fly in the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps and was unwilling to let anything get in his way. However, Zander could sometimes be over-enthusiastic. On one occasion, he installed several laser cannons on his starfighter Blazemaker Mark II. While this firepower enabled him to destroy several Imperial fighters, the magma cannon overloaded and destroyed his ship. Zander narrowly escaped death despite undergoing an explosion and being hurled through zero gravity space.[21]

Zander and his siblings did not know what the word "dawdler" meant.[23] Zander's love for starfighters once distracted him during a mission, when he mistakenly bid for a Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, believing it to be worth only 65 credits. Zander could also be mischievous and once teased his sister about her plan not being airtight enough.[25] While his sister Kordi was task-focused, Zander could easily be sidetracked through persuasion. While Zander distrusted the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, Hondo managed to sweet-talk him by convincing him of his expertise with Corellian Defenders.[26]

Zander's loyalty to his family led him to take part in a mission to rescue Rowan against the orders of the Alliance leadership. While Zander was upset at the loss of the Arrowhead, Roger reassured him that at least they were safe.[32]

Zander also was infatuated with his love interest Becky Smoochenbacher.[27] Though Zander was a skilled mechanic, he was not always street-smart and once accidentally repaired Durpin and Plumestriker's Gozanti-class cruiser's hyperdrive and rear stabilizer, allowing them to escape.[28]

Zander was distraught when he had to sacrifice the StarScavenger during an attempt to destroy M-OC. He regarded the StarScavenger as his "baby."[33] Though the Freemakers were unable to warn the Rebel Alliance they were facing an operational second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, Zander was unwilling to give up and was prepared to brave the odds. As a brother, he wanted to accompany Rowan during his duel with M-OC. However, Rowan loved his family and was unwilling to endanger their lives.[34]

Skills and abilities[]

Zander Freemaker was a skilled starship mechanic who could even repair things while blindfolded. In addition, he could also free himself from chains and ropes. Zander also had a sharp sense of smell, which led him to detect the chromium zinc of an N-1 starfighter.[9] Zander was a skilled pilot who could pilot numerous vehicles including the Freemakers' CT-900 freighter,[23] the StarScavenger.[3] He also built numerous vehicles including the Blazemaker starfighters, several "Z-wings",[8] and a submarine called the Bubbly Subbly.[14] Zander and his siblings used their skills as mechanics to repair the Rebel Alliance's starfighters.[20]

Zander kept the StarScavenger running for many years even though it was built before the Clone Wars. However, the shipbuilder Quarrie regarded him as an amateur. Zander also felt fear when he realized that the Imperial hunter droid M-OC was a better pilot than him.[23] In addition, Zander was also a skilled speeder bike driver.[27]

As a skilled pilot, Zander was able to pilot the Arrowhead with relative ease.[30] He used the Arrowhead to destroy several AT-AT walkers and Star Destroyers in cooperation with Lieutenant Valeria's forces on two occasions. Zander was also able to work as a team with other rebels.[31]

As a skilled pilot, Zander was able to fly the rebuilt StarScavenger through the storms of Shantipole, earning the praise of his sister Kordi.[34]

Behind the scenes[]

Zander Freemaker is voiced by Eugene Byrd.[36] He is one of the four main protagonists of the non-canon Disney XD animated TV series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which ran from June 20 to August 29, 2016.



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