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"Zander Freemaker, Superstar Pilot Guy!" is the fourth of five animated short videos released on May 4, 2017 to promote the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[5] It was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[1] On June 17, "Zander Freemaker, Superstar Pilot Guy!" and the other four short videos were released in an omnibus episode called "A New Home" that was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[6]

Official description[]

Zander attempts to join a fighter squadron by flying his own ship, the Blazemaker.[1]

Plot summary[]

Aboard the MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruiser Home One, Zander Freemaker tries to convince Admiral Ackbar to let him fly a starfighter. Admiral Ackbar tells him to take it up with Lieutenant Valeria. Valeria then returns from a dogfight in an A-wing starfighter. Zander tries to convince Valeria to let him fly with her squadron. While appreciating his enthusiasm, she declines his offer because the rebels do not have anymore ships to spare.

Undeterred, Zander then displays his starfighter Blazemaker Mark II which he built himself. Valeria is impressed with his craftsmanship but points out that he has no blasters on his ship. Valeria tells Zander that blasters are important. Admiral Ackbar then announces that the Empire is launching a counterattack. Valeria and Blue Squadron depart the hangar to resume the dogfight. Rowan and Kordi encourage Zander not to take no for an answer.

Kordi dons a smelting mask while Rowan uses the Force to levitate a laser cannon. Roger struggles to attach it to the Blazemaker Mark II's wing but collides with a nearby A-wing, demolishing it. Zander then fits a giant magma cannon on top of his ship. While inspecting their handiwork, Kordi asks if they overdid it, but Zander is confident his ship is fit for battle. The weight of the cannons slows down the Blazemaker Mark II, but Zander manages to fly into the battle. After he leaves, the other Freemakers remark that he overdid it.

In space, Valeria's starfighters are outmatched and outgunned by Imperial TIE fighters. Before a TIE Interceptor can destroy Valeria's ship, the Blazemaker Mark II blasts it to pieces, leaving the TIE pilot stranded in space. Over the com, Zander announces himself to Valeria and blasts the TIE fighters to shreds. This turns the tide of the dogfight in the Rebel Alliance's favor. Valeria thinks his ship is messy but effective and remarks it has created an opening.

The three remaining TIE fighters flee into space. Zander is about to unleash his ship's magma cannon, but the cannon malfunctions, and the Blazemaker Mark II is destroyed. Rowan, Kordi, Ackbar, and his Mon Calamari crew watch in horror. Zander, however, survives and is catapulted into space against the Home One's window. When Zander admits he went too far, Rowan reassures his older brother that on the bright side he was a hero of the Rebellion.


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