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The Zann Consortium was a crime syndicate that was active during the Galactic Civil War. The Consortium was at odds with the Black Sun. Because of the Iron Blockade, certain Zann operatives became trapped in the Anoat sector and cut off from communication from their leaders. That situation, however, did not prevent those operatives from continuing with their racketeering, especially against those who once traded with the Black Sun.[1]

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The Zann Consortium first appeared in Petroglyph's Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. In the Legends continuity, it was founded by Tyber Zann and Urai Fen. The syndicate operated before, during, and after the Galactic Civil War, corrupting planets across the galaxy such as Honoghr and Shola. One of their most notable accomplishments was the raid on the Emperor's private vault on Coruscant during the Battle of Endor and then the Raid on the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse with temporary aid from the Rebel Alliance which ended in success for the Consortium and took them to power on a galactic scale.


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