"I will not rest until the Tombat is brought before an Imperial court to answer for his crimes!"
―IOCI Inspector Zanza Gata[src]

Zanza Gata was a Special Enforcement Officer with the rank of Inspector in the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations. In 1 ABY, Gata was assigned, at the behest of Moff Landric, to bring the art thief known only as the "Tombat" to justice. IOCI Director Jacen Corbit introduced Gata to a packed room of reporters in a dramatic press conference on Danteel.

Gata was described as an extremely capable officer with years of experience bringing crime syndicate leaders, assassins and slicers to trial. His success rate was nearly 84 percent, and he was known to go days without rest when tracking his prey. Gata's uncannily accurate reading of the "Tombat"'s psych profile had become something of a legend around the Office.

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