"Traveling all over the galaxy like that, taking care of business—it sounds important."
―Bangel speaks enviously of Seastriker's work[src]

Zari Bangel was a female[2] human[1] pilot who flew in the New Republic's starfleet.[2] In 28 ABY,[3] she was stationed on the Republic's capital world Hosnian Prime. There she and several of her colleagues took note of how close their fellow pilot Joph Seastriker had come to the senatorial staff of Princess Leia Organa, with whom he was secretly working on an investigation into the criminal Rinnrivin Di.[2]

While Seastriker was working on his X-wing starfighter in the Senate hangar, she commented on how he had been sharing drinks with Organa's staff and how unusual his prolonged service to a specific senator was. Envious of Seastriker's seemingly important work, she and a number of others made clear that they wanted in on the action, prompting Seastriker to take down their names, but reveal nothing more. When Organa then formed the Resistance following the end of the investigation into Di, Seastriker personally vouched for Bangel and some of the other pilots on the list, and they were invited to join the Resistance, attending the organization's first meeting in a hangar that Organa had privately leased. While in the Senate hangar bay, Bangel wore a tool belt.[2]

In 34 ABY, Bangel attempted to help Jessika Pava find a new astromech to fly with her and convince the Resistance astromechs that she was not "The Great Destroyer" they defined her as, but when they turned away to deal with C-3PO momentarily, the astromechs ran off minus BB-8 who flipped out his lighter.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Zari Bangel first appeared in the novel Bloodline, which was written by Claudia Gray and released in 2016.


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