The Zarracina sector was a part of the Expansion Region that contained the Ashash, Selsor, and Zarracina systems. The Ashash system contained the waterworld Ashash, and the Selsor system included an astronomical object of the same name, on which the Galactic Empire once carried out a successful winter campaign. When a stable hyperspace jump point was discovered in the Zarracina system in 11,660 BBY, the Galactic Republic was set on acquiring the planet Zarracina III, but resistance by the native Zarracine species led to a Republic orbital bombardment of the planet, which sent it into a state of radioactive winter.


The Zarracina sector was located in Trailing Sectors portion of the Expansion Region.[1] By 0 ABY, it bordered the Baroli and Tacuni sectors in the trailing direction. It also formed a four-way border with the Brak, Brevost, and Citlik sectors Rimward and another four-way border with the Chaykin, Immeria, and Immerian Outback sectors spinward.[5]

The westernmost section of the Zarracina sector contained the Ashash system, while the Zarracina system lay in the more eastward portion of the sector.[6] The Selsor system lay close to the sector's southeastern border.[5]


The Selsor system was a part of the Zarracina sector.

The Ashash system contained a waterworld of the same name that was home to a species of creature that could emit a harmful gas from its body.[7] The terrestrial celestial body Selsor,[8] located in the Selsor system,[2] was the site of a successful winter campaign carried out by the Snow Hawks cold assault stormtrooper unit of the Galactic Empire.[8]

The Zarracina system included the planet Zarracina III, the homeworld of the sentient Zarracine species. In 11,660 BBY, a stable hyperspace jump point was discovered in the Zarracina system. Due to the discovery's strategic nature, acquiring Zarracina III became a priority for the Galactic Republic, which was under the control of the speciesist Pius Dea cult at the time. The subsequent attempts by the Republic at both diplomacy and conquest of the planet were unsuccessful. In response, the Republic carried out an orbital bombardment of Zarracina III, sending it into a state of radioactive winter and causing the near-extinction of the Zarracines. The remaining natives of the planet adopted a nomadic existence, and the Republic subsequently annexed the Zarracina system.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Zarracina sector was introduced in the StarWars.com Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, which was written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry.[2] In 2012, the sector was illustrated on a map designed by Modi and published in the Online Companion feature "Essential Atlas Extra: Expansion Region."[5]


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