Zascha was a Force-using female Cerean who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Zascha's sister Anoura worked as an information broker for the Bothan Elwis Bontraar and after Anoura died during a routine assignment, Zascha vowed to have revenge against Bontraar. She kidnapped Elwis' daughter Jennalyn Bontraar and then sent a message to Elwis' residence on the planet Coruscant, stating that she would return Jennalyn in return for a ransom of 1,000 credsticks that were each worth 2,000 dataries. Elwis agreed to the proposal the exchange was scheduled to take place aboard Elwis' starship, the Masquerade, while the Galactic Costume Extravaganza was being held aboard the vessel. However, the Hutts stated that they they would attempt to rescue Jennalyn if Elwis decided to place a bounty on his daughter. In an attempt to deceive the Hutts, Zascha notified them that the kidnappers were aboard the Masquerade and then implicated a group of agents that were attending the Extravaganza as being the kidnappers. Zascha subsequently traveled to the Masquerade aboard a shuttle, accompanied by Jennalyn and two Gamorrean assistants, Burg and Urg. However, the Cerean feared that the exchange might not go well for her, so she planned to flee the Masquerade before the handover could take place. Before she had a chance to leave, the falsely-implicated agents confronted her in the shuttle and rescued Jennalyn.


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