The zeebuck was a boned ruminant that grazed in the fungal plains of the planet of Yvara in the Kathol Rift. Zeebucks had four legs, three eyes, and fur that ranged in color from tan to cinnamon. Each zeebuck also had tubular sacks around their neck to store food in.

Proteins and nutrients that the zeebuck can't digest immediately were stored in the sacks, and eaten by the young in times of scarcity of food. The sacks could also be reabsorbed into the creature.

Zeebucks were the main prey of the predatory owr'apa, and they often traveled in migratory herds. The native dominant life form of Yvara, the Yvarema, did not hunt the zeebuck, but did tame them from time to time to harvest the protein sacks.

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