"I am…shocked, and disillusioned, and—Iden, you didn't just betray the Empire or the Emperor. You betrayed your father. You betrayed me. And I'm not sure I can ever forgive you for that."
―Zeehay Versio, to Iden Versio[1]

Zeehay Versio was a human female who was the mother of Iden Versio. Zeehay was a premier artist who created propaganda posters for the Galactic Empire's Coalition for Progress, including the Young Imperials Can Reach The Stars which depicted Iden gazing up raptly at the stars. At some point she was married to Garrick Versio, an admiral in the Imperial Security Bureau. When Iden was five years old, Zeehay and Garrick divorced each other. Zeehay suffered from a chronic illness, the severity of which she kept secret from Garrick and Iden.[1]

Iden maintained strong feelings towards her mother and developed some angst towards Garrick. When Iden went undercover to infiltrate the rebel group known as the Dreamers, Zeehay was not told that her daughter's public trial for treason against the Empire was all a ruse. However, despite the Imperial military regulations that prevented Zeehay from knowing the truth, Garrick nonetheless decided to tell her that her daughter had not betrayed the Empire in actuality. Three weeks after Iden was "rescued" by the rebels, Zeehay died after succumbing to her illness. Knowing that she never cared much for Vardos, Garrick chose to inter her on Svaaha. When Iden returned from the mission, Garrick revealed that she had died and also made sure that Iden knew that he had told her the truth about her defection, which Iden was extremely grateful for.[1]

Zeehay had warm eyes and a bright smile. As an artist, she used old-fashioned paint in her work, which could frequently be observed covering her long fingers. She had deep laugh that Iden remembered as a very joyful sound.[1]

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