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"I offer this record of our civilization to those who will follow. Despite our wisdom and technological achievement, we face extinction. Dogma blinded us to the path of balance and gradually we allowed our pride to corrupt us. The greater control we sought, the further we fell into ruin. I lead the remnants of my people into the great unknown, hoping that we finally find peace."
―A Zeffo Sage recording[src]

The Zeffo, also known as the Zeffonians, were an ancient sentient species native to the planet Zeffo. Many Zeffo could wield the Force, which they referred to as the "Life Wind," and those who did became known as sages. Three of the more esteemed sages, Eilram, Kujet, and Miktrull, were buried in elaborate tombs, both on Zeffo and Dathomir.[1]

Though the Zeffo originated as a peaceful culture, over time they became more and more corrupt, falling to the Dark side of the Force.[1]

In the years before the Jedi Purge, Jedi Master Eno Cordova became fascinated by the near-extinct Zeffo. In a Force vision, the Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis was spoken to by a Zeffo, who claimed to be leading the remnants of their species into the "great unknown."[1]

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