"Been in this dump for weeks trying to wrangle these guys. Doctor Zeke’s made a name for himself on the black market selling premium cybernetics. Couldn’t risk calling it in unless I caught the jerks red-handed."
―Lylos Tannon, Coruscant Security Force[src]

Doctor Zeke was a male Anomid living on the planet Coruscant during the period of the Galactic War. Together with his associate, Bolgm, Doctor Zeke worked a cybernetics scam where he would remove them from individuals and then sell the cybernetics on the black market. Shortly after the defeat of Revan, Doctor Zeke was called by Bolgm to come retrieve the cybernetics from an individual he had secured at the Dealer's Den cantina. The individual turned out to be Strategic Information Service Agent Theron Shan who was working an undercover sting with Lylos Tannon of the Coruscant Security Force. Tannon had been tracking Doctor Zeke for several weeks and had enlisted Shan and SIS Agent Jonas Balkar to help her. Doctor Zeke, realizing he had been found out, tried to flee but was tackled by Shan and then arrested by Tannon.


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