"Welcome to Spuma Flats. I trust you enjoyed the ride. The Rebel forces are at grid reference 678/446. You all know what you have to do. Good luck and good hunting."
―Colonel Zel Johans during the assault on Protazk[src]

Zel Johans was a Human male who served in the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire. Johans would earn the nickname "The Rancor" from men who served alongside him. He was a well respected tactician, and played a key role in the development of repulsortanks for the army.

Johans would eventually be promoted to the rank of High Colonel, and served as the commanding officer of Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, nicknamed "Hell Hammer's". Johans had a rivalry with General Maximilian Veers, who commanded Blizzard Force. With this rivalry, Johans envisioned an elite, better armored battlegroup.

Johans would be on the planet Brintooin during the Battle of Endor, which saw the death of Emperor Palpatine. Johans would refuse to claim the title of Warlord, despite the power he wielded. He would eventually serve underneath Grand Admiral Thrawn and his campaign to wipe out the New Republic. Only once did Johan's division serve him only once. Thrawn would perish at Bilbringi at the hands of Noghri bodyguard Rukh. It is unknown what happened to Johans.

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Hell's Hammer time

Johans was able to coordinate both starfighter, and ground forces.

Johans was masterful tactician within planetary warfare, and was a well regarded army officer. Johans believed that the All Terrain Armored Transport, was slow and weak. As such, Johans believed that repulsortanks were more versatile. Johans was skilled to coordinated orbital strikes, and starfighter attack runs on the enemy. A gifted engineer, Johans was a the creator of the Imperial-class repulsortanks.

After the Battle of Endor, which saw the death of Emperor Palpatine, Johans refused to to claim the title of Warlord, believing only success would earn the promotion. He also refused to claim the title of General, Governor, and Moff.


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