The zeldrate was a reptilian predator that lived on the green plains of Balmorra. It fed mainly on the giant grazers known as bormu, attacking those that roamed too far from their herds. Unlike their herbivorous counterpart, the zeldrates were small in number because of the Balmorran industries that hunted the reptiles for a caustic chemical secretion used as a cleaning solution for multiple industrial parts.

During the Cold War, Imperial forces bombarded the surface of Balmorra, consequently destroying its industries. This led to both a decrease in the number of bormus, due to the contamination of the fields, and an increase of zeldrates, as the industries started operating below half capacity. With these variations, zeldrates fed on fewer bormus, forcing the predators to begin looking for new prey. They targeted sentient beings such as Imperial troops and resistance fighters, preying mostly on those who were wounded during battle.



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