"This is an invitation to disaster. Any anti-Republic terrorist could pose as a refugee, and we'd have no way of verifying they're who they say they are. That could lead to dangerous situations here, on Coruscant. Even without suspects looking to willfully hurt our people, there are safety concerns. That disaster in the Desrini district was a horrible accident that was a direct result of port overcrowding. Those families living in the barrel were there because they couldn't find anywhere else to go."
―Zelebitha Effhod on Coruscant's immigration situation[src]

Zelebitha Effhod was the First Minister of the Coruscant Ministry of Ingress during the Separatist Crisis. She oversaw the closure of immigration to Coruscant due to security reasons,[2] and died of Quannot's Syndrome before the Battle of Geonosis.[1]



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