Zelor was a Human male who served as the royal regent under King Lorac and Queen Denira of the planet, Velmor, some twenty years before the Galactic Civil War.


Zelor sought the power of the throne for himself and conspired with the Imperial Army to provoke a riot among the citizens of Den Velmor. Civilians, loyal to Emperor Palpatine's New Order raided the royal palace and murdered Lorac and Denira. The king's son, Prince Denid fled the planet with his consort, Lady Loren and his trusted aide, Jedidiah. Denid's younger brother, Prince Anod remained behind and relinquished authority to Zelor's hands until such time that he was of age to take the throne for himself.[1]

Zelor continued to rule Velmor in the interests of the Empire for the next twenty years. Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Prince Anod prepared to take the throne for himself. By this point, Zelor had established ties with Captain Zeta Traal of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Zelor and Traal conspired to get Anod onto the throne, but with the intent of deposing him and relinquishing full power for themselves. Zelor's loyalties were only for himself however. Not only did he intend on betraying Prince Anod, but he also prepared to do away with Captain Traal as soon as he felt that she had outlived her usefulness.[1]

All of Zelor's schemes were disrupted when Prince Denid returned to Velmor after his twenty-year exile. Accompanying him were Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa disguised as a bounty hunter named Korl Marcus and an Alderaanian noble named Lady Loren (respectively).[1]

Zelor quickly altered his agenda and planned on assassinating Denid, Anod and Captain Traal all at once. He discovered that Korl Marcus was in fact the hero, Luke Skywalker and the two engaged upon a duel with one another. Although Zelor was an able-bodied swordsman, he was no match for Luke's skill with a lightsaber. Luke disarmed Zelor but decided to spare his life. However, Zelor refused to give up, pulling a blaster on the Rebel warrior. In his second attack, Skywalker cut Zelor down, killing him,[1] an act which was witnessed by Ergric Betos.[2]

Prince Denid assumed his rightful place as king of Velmor and he had Captain Traal arrested.[1]



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