Zemerin were a species of telepaths that fed on negative energy. A group of Zemerin visited the world Enujut and caused negativity between its residents in order to feed, but their plans were foiled by local peacekeeper Evor Haris and a protocol droid that had discovered the truth behind their arrival.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Zemerin had a lanky body, with brownish-gray skin and no apparent hair. Most noticeably, they only had two limbs: a single arm, which sprouted from under the base of their neck and ended in three long digits, and a single leg that forced them to move around by hopping. Their head, perched atop a long, thin neck, was in the shape of an inverted triangle. It featured a beak-like mouth and a pair of vertical green eyes. They displayed telepathic abilities, which they used to feed on negative energy.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

The Zemerin were known for their technical skills, being capable of repairing anything from starships to food replicators. Because they fed on negative energy, at least some of them deliberately provoked quarrels between other beings to take advantage of the situation.[1]

Zemerin in the galaxyEdit

Zemerin closeup

Three of the Zemerin who came to Enujut

At one point, a group of Zemerin travelled to the the world Enujut. There, they started engineering petty disputes between various denizens, including a Lepi smuggler and an Ugnaught merchant, a Duros technician and her Aleena assistant, and two Ewoks. Finally, they managed to cause a row in the local cantina. An astute protocol droid ended up connecting the dots, and informed local peacekeeper Evor Haris of the situation. Together, Haris and the droid tricked the Zemerin into boarding their starship and leaving Enujut.[1]


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