"The only time I have ever seen a zenji needle was after it had been thrown at my head. I don't know who had targeted me for the attack (or even who threw the flarging thing) but I spent weeks in a bacta tank healing up. The five other guards in the room weren't as lucky…I was the only survivor of the attack. Don't be fooled by the primitive appearance of the zenji needle. In the right hands, it is an extremely deadly weapon."

Zenji needles were custom-made throwing weapons employed by the Mistryl Shadow Guards. Zenji needles were ten centimeters long, lacquered and decorated with a jewel at one end. The jewel added weight and balance to the weapon. Zenji needles were usually worn as decorative hair ornaments. Mistryl Shadow Guards were particularly adept with these weapons and could throw them with pinpoint accuracy, Zenji needles were known to be able to crack armor when thrown with enough force.[1]

Lacquered zenji needles were worn by the Mistryl Shadow Guard Shada D'ukal.[2] A individual known as Isham, a patron of Gundark's Gear Datalog, survived a zenji needle attack but needed several weeks of bacta tank treatment to recover.[1]

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