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"The Jeedai thought to use the knowledge of our chosen race to remake the galaxy. But I poisoned their attempts."
―Zenoc Quah[src]

Zenoc Quah was a male member of the Yuuzhan Vong shaper caste. He lived during the Yuuzhan Vong War and in the aftermath of the death of Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane, surviving well into the Sith–Imperial War and the Second Imperial Civil War.


"Everything is pain, Jeedai. Lovely, lovely pain."
―Zenoc Quah to Cade Skywalker[src]

Unlike the fellow members of his race, Quah believed that surrender was a betrayal and escaped a dying Yuuzhan Vong fleet around Wayland. Landing on the planet, he believed himself to be a true Yuuzhan Vong and viewed the others who had left for Zonama Sekot as traitors and heretics. He remained on that planet until 127 ABY, almost a century after he saw the war end, when he collaborated with Darth Maladi of the One Sith. Quah sabotaged the Ossus Project in order to prevent Yuuzhan Vong techniques from being used by the inhabitants of the galaxy. This act allowed the One Sith to engineer a war between the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire.

Zenoc Quah is killed.

While the galaxy was torn apart by war, Quah remained on the Vongspawn-infested Wayland and continued to experiment on its native life on a laboratory once employed by the Ossus Project. By 137 ABY he was bioengineering a weapon he believed would bring greater devastation to the galaxy at large. He collaborated with the Sith Lords Darth Maladi and Darth Nihl in an attempt to trap and capture Cade Skywalker and his companions.

They succeeded in capturing Deliah Blue and Quah tormented her using the Embrace of Pain while Maladi implanted a malevolent Vongform onto Blue's back. They attempted to lure Skywalker into a trap and would him into a weapon that the Dark Lord of the Sith could use to keep the other Sith in check. In the ensuing fighting, Cade's companions invaded the laboratory and subdued Quah's experimental Vongforms.

Zenoc Quah was killed by Jariah Syn using his amphistaff. Unable to overcome Cade, Maladi fled but not before setting the remote detonation that destroyed the laboratory within minutes. With his companions safely evacuated, Cade succeeded in freeing Deliah from the bioweapon that Quah and Maladi had implanted on her back using the light side of the Force to heal her.


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