The Zenowai Crime Society was a criminal organization that originated and operated in the Core Worlds of the galaxy. It notably controlled spice gangs on Plexis. At some point, four Zenowai emissaries came to Cloud City, in the remote Anoat sector, to discuss trade with the local Ivax Syndicate. When Governor Ubrik Adelhard established the Iron Blockade in reaction to the Galactic Empire's major defeat at Endor, the Zenowai envoys became stranded in Cloud City. Consequently, the Zenowai started assuming control of the city's underworld, buying the loyalty of its security force and rebuilding small gangs that had been eradicated. Voras the Hutt, secret leader of the Ivax Syndicate, then hired Riley and her younger sibling to hunt down the Zenowai emissaries. Once three of the four Zenowai leaders were defeated, the remaining one, Mehedo Clynch, reprogrammed mining droids to sabotage the city's repulsorlifts, creating an ultimatum: if he died, Cloud City would fall from orbit. However, Riley's sibling deactivated the droids, fixed the repulsorlifts, located Clynch in the carbonite shafts, and killed him.[1]

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