Zenta was a female Chiss living during the Galactic War who served as Syndic of the Inrokini family.


Zenta was the Syndic of the Inrokini family, ruling the Chiss Ascendancy world of Copero. She had adopted a powerful Force-sensitive Valss into her House and gave him refuge on Copero, allowing him to practice his skills without the threat of death or exile that awaited him otherwise. During the revolt against the Eternal Empire Zenta spend some time gathering the secrets of the Eternal Alliance and in 3630 BBY she harbored an Alliance fugitive Theron Shan on Copero in exchange for information. However, Shan betrayed her and teamed up Valss, who joined the Human after having experienced a vision of his victory. Together, they stole from Zenta the location of a holomap leading to a superweapon of the Sith Emperor Vitiate which had long been kept in secret on Copero by slicing into her personal datapad. Afterwards, they took Zenta's best fighters and abandoned her to the joint Ascendancy-Alliance team send by Aristocra Saganu of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force to deal with the rogue Syndic. Raina Temple and the Alliance Commander engaged Zenta in combat and subdued her, after which she explained that she had been duped by the Shan just like she was. Having learned his location, the Commander was about to continue their pursuit, but Saganu demanded that they take Zenta's life, claiming there would be no deal between the Alliance and the Ascendancy otherwise.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zenta appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic as the second boss during the flashpoint "A Traitor Among the Chiss". Players have the option to send Zenta back to House Inrokini where she will use her political connection to strike back against the Aristocra, take her prisoner to the Alliance base on Odessen which will make other Chiss families furious at Saganu or kill her, in which case the Ascendancy will officially blame the Alliance, while privately Saganu will offer his support in gratitude.



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