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The Zeplin was a Victory-class Star Destroyer in the service of the Galactic Empire. It was commanded by Namuura Din, an Imperial captain who followed Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's defection from the Empire shortly before the Battle of Endor.


Namuura Din had grown sympathetic to the cause of the Rebel Alliance, so the two sides met to discuss his defection. The Zeplin met with the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Link, and as part of their deal, Din delivered Missile Boat Sealion to the Rebel vessel. The Imperials, unwilling to lose such valuable technology to the Alliance, sent a strike force to stop the Zeplin and the Link.

Unfortunately for the Empire, the Link escaped into hyperspace with the newly-acquired Missile Boat. Darth Vader pursued the vessel while ace pilot Maarek Stele and his force attacked the Zeplin. Flying a Missile Boat, Stele succeeded in bringing down the Victory Star Destroyer's shields so Assault Gunboats could disable it. Imperial transports and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett soon overtook the Zeplin, and Namuura Din was captured. The Zeplin was then taken to an Imperial shipyard so that it could be inspected.



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