Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper Armor Mark I was used by the Galactic Empire's Zero-G assault stormtroopers. It was a powered armor with integrated life support systems for deep-space operations and combat. Operators entered from a hatch on the back of the armor, stirring in a saddle inside the armor and secured with an internal harness and foot stirrups. The armor was intended for use by stormtroopers in full armor; operation of the suit without stormtrooper armor was awkward but not impossible.[1]

The helmet incorporated an inbuilt comlink, suit status board, and a viewscreen that showed a view of the area behind the spacetrooper. The armor's chest included an integrated tactical display and active sensor package, link to torso mounted sensor units and arrays. The torso also held an extended range comlink.[1]

The armor's backpack was fitted with two grenade launchers, along with storage magazines for the ammunition, including gas, stun, and concussion grenades. A communications antenna was mounted on the backpack, along with a fire extinguisher, environmental control apparatus, two lights positioned on the shoulders, and the armor's main repulsorlift propulsion unit.[1]

A laser cutter and blaster cannon was mounted on the armor's right forearm, and a miniature proton torpedo hurler on the left. Each arm terminated in a three fingered gripper, which had the option to retract up the wrist to reveal an iris that allowed the stormtrooper's hand to emerge from the suit.[1]

The suit's legs mounted the attitude control thrusters, and well as foot mounted auxiliary repulsorlift propulsion units. Foot pedals controlled the RPUs and the armor's magnetic couplers. A toggle mounted at shin level moved the stirrup into and out of attitude thruster control, and the suit's recharging couplers and breathing gas life support were housed in the feet.[1]



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