Zero Command was an Imperial splinter faction that was formed by Admiral Blitzer Harrsk.


Following the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Admiral Blitzer Harrsk of the Imperial Navy took a task force to the Deep Core, where he claimed a number of worlds around the world Kalist VI and established a protectorate, which he named "Zero Command". Harrsk gave himself the title Lord High Admiral and made himself the leader of Zero Command.

Harrsk later expanded Zero Command and gained control of a number of worlds in the Southern Core, including Abregado-rae. He also attempted to expand his empire by maintaining some forces in the Atravis sector.

When Emperor Palpatine returned from the dead in a clone body, Harrsk and Zero Command served him, but became independent once more after Palpatine was killed. Harrsk began a recruitment drive in the Atravis sector in 12 ABY, bringing Zero Command into conflict with the Greater Maldrood, an Imperial faction that was led by Treuten Teradoc. Zero Command was later reunited with eleven other Warlord holdings by Admiral Natasi Daala to form the United Warlord Fleets.


Imperial-class Star Destroyers, at least two battlecruisers, and three Tector-class Star Destroyers. Stormtroopers made up a majority of the ground forces.[1]

At least two Super Star Destroyers, Dominion and Megador, were under going construction within Deep 3, one of Harrsk's secret shipyards.

At Deep 3, there were many robotic TIE starfighters, mines, and caches of various weapons. These would later be recovered by Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, ruler of the Imperial Remnant.



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