A Zersium rifle was an extremely expensive and rare blaster rifle in use during the Dark Wars, a series of conflicts between remnants of the Sith Empire and the forces of the Galactic Republic that occurred after the Jedi Civil War. The high-powered and accurate rifle was partly manufactured from Zersium, a rare mineral that facilitated energy dissipation. The Zersium used in the blaster's construction allowed for the utilization of more powerful energy bursts without increasing the risk to the wielder.


Made partially from Zersium, a rare mineral, the Zersium rifle was a type of blaster rifle. The Zersium used in the rifle increased its energy dissipation, which caused the rifle to be able to use more powerful bursts of energy without risking the user's safety. Its red energy bolts dealt much more damage than those fired by normal blaster rifles, and the weapon also had greater accuracy than its generic counterpart. However, the Zersium rifle had an effective range of twenty-eight meters,[1] which was comparable to its contemporaries.[3] The weapon was a blue-silver color and had a similar appearance to other blaster rifles used during its time. Human-sized species needed two hands to operate the weapon, which was capable of receiving upgrades to its firing chamber, power cell, and targeting scope.[1]


Zersium rifles were in use soon after the Jedi Civil War[1] during the Dark Wars, a string of conflicts[2] that were fought between leftovers of the Sith Empire and the forces of the Galactic Republic. The Zersium rifle was a very rare and expensive weapon during that time. When the rifle was available[1] during 3951 BBY,[2] it could cost as much as 30,000 credits.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Zersium rifle first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a 2004 video game by Obsidian Entertainment. In The Sith Lords, it was a rare ranged weapon which could be found in randomly determined locations throughout the game. Due to its random placement, the player was not guaranteed to find the weapon every time they played through the game. The rifle was one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game, and it also possessed a small attack bonus. The weapon was also able to be equipped with any ranged weapon upgrade in the game.[1]



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