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"Okay. Here it goes. Cargo shuttle SW-0608 requesting a landing pad."
Bodhi Rook to Scarif Gate Control[src]

The Zeta-class cargo shuttle, also known as the Zeta-class Heavy Cargo Shuttle was a type of shuttle used by the Galactic Empire in its fight against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. They were instrumental in carrying Kyber crystals during the construction of the Death Star.


Zeta-class interior

Interior cockpit of the Zeta-class cargo shuttle.

The Zeta-class cargo shuttle featured two levels: an upper deck that housed the ship's controls, and a ventral cargo deck that could be detached and dropped off at a location. The shuttle also had four wings that retracted inwards when landing and outwards when in flight, similar to the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. In terms of armament, the shuttles featured two wing-mounted heavy laser cannons and three hull-mounted laser cannons.[1]


"Well done. You're a rebel now."
―K-2SO, to Bodhi Rook after turning SW-0608's weapons on a squad of stormtroopers[src]

Directly before the Battle of Yavin, hundreds of these shuttles were used during the Imperial occupation of Jedha to transport kyber crystals for the purpose of powering the Death Star's superlaser.[3]


A Zeta-class cargo shuttle, with its wings set in flight mode.

Before the Jedha insurgency started, the Guardians of the Whills Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe raided an Imperial supply convoy dropped off at LZ-Cresh by a cargo shuttle.[4]

A number of these shuttles were also present for the Battle of Scarif, a successful attempt by the Rebel Alliance to steal the plans for the Death Star.[3]

At least five were present at the Fondor Shipyards when they were attacked by the Rebel Alliance.[5]

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