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"I am dead, but only you can keep my memory strong. Thank you for freeing me, brother."
―Zeth's spirit to Kyp Durron[src]

Zeth Durron was the older brother of Kyp Durron who was conscripted into the Stormtrooper Corps of the Galactic Empire.


In 3 ABY, he was conscripted into the Stormtrooper Corps of the Galactic Empire and sent to serve on Carida. He was given the number 2112. The Empire later falsely informed Kyp that Zeth had died there in a training accident, a tragic mistake made.

Zeth, along with all of the inhabitants of Carida, were killed in 11 ABY when Kyp used the Sun Crusher under the influence of Exar Kun to cause Carida's sun to go supernova. After Kyp had already set in motion the supernova, one of the officers on the ground, Dauren, informed him that Zeth was alive and on the planet. In horror, Kyp rushed to the planets surface to save his brother and, begrudgingly, Dauren. As he was almost in range for them to board, Dauren hit Zeth from behind on the head and attempted to board alone. Kyp pulled away and Zeth, reacting from his stormtrooper training, shot the officer. Zeth was unable to get aboard himself. Kyp was about to leave the Sun Crusher to rescue his brother, when the first wave of the supernova hit, incinerating Zeth. This tragedy helped to fuel Kyp's hatred and rage towards the Imperials and encouraged him further down his path in the dark side.

Later, after Kyp's redemption, he faced a test in the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin 4 similar to Luke's test in the cave on Dagobah. Instead of Vader, Kyp faced Exar Kun and passed the test. Kun then resolved into Zeth as a Force ghost, much as Luke had seen himself in Vader's mask. Zeth's image was possibly formed through the Force powers in the temple in which he appeared to teach Kyp an important lesson, though it is impossible to say for sure.



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