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The mother of Zev Senesca was a resident and free-trader of Kestic Station, a trading outpost on the fringes of the Bestine system. The Senescas were known for dealing in goods of just about any kind of nature. In their later years, in the early days of the Galactic Civil War, prior to the Battle of Yavin, they began dealing in arms for the fledgling Rebel Alliance. Kestic Station would soon become a vital link in the Alliance's supply chain. Even though running arms for the Rebellion was illegal and punishable by death, they felt they were doing the right thing. They also encouraged their son, Zev, to leave Kestic and join the Rebellion, which he did.

However, Rebel supply lines were soon traced back to Kestic Station. Zev had secretly confided what Kestic was doing to a "friend," who revealed the station's Rebel involvement to the Empire. Without stopping to take prisoners or ask questions, the Star Destroyer Merciless arrived and destroyed the station, killing all aboard, including the Senescas.

Zev at first left the Alliance, blaming them for the death of his parents, but soon learned that his friend had betrayed him. Accepting that he was responsible for Kestic's destruction, he rejoined the Rebellion.

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