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Emperor Palpatine DVD Empire Strikes Back

A hologram of Emperor Palpatine in zeyd-cloth robes.

Zeyd-cloth was a type of dark-colored, non glossy fabric that had square waffle styled weaves. It was in use since at least the Galactic War, during which it was turned into various items of clothing, including robes, tunics, boots, gloves, and headgears.[1] Later in history, members of the Banite Sith would often wear black hooded robes made of zeyd-cloth. Such individual included Darth Plagueis and his apprentice Darth Sidious.[2] Even after the latter toppled the Galactic Republic and established his own New Order, he continued wearing those simple garments as a Galactic Emperor.[3] The Emperor's Inquisitors would also don dark maroon robes of zeyd-cloth that were designed to invoke images of dark blood.[4] While the Sith garments made of zeyd-cloth were plain-looking, expensive tailored suits could be made out of that same fabric. The Human named Tuyay, Chief Operating Officer for Ororo Transportation, was known to wear one such suit.[5]

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