"We believe the Zhell were Humans — perhaps the original Human population that took to the stars when Imperial Center was known as Notron."
Mesh Burzon[src]

The Zhell were a people indigenous to Coruscant and the possible ancestors of the Human inhabitants of the world. They consisted of thirteen Nations of Zhell, and their combined military force was known as the Battalions of Zhell.

The Battalions of Zhell came into dominance on Coruscant by waging war on the Taungs for centuries. During one of these battles, the Battalions of Zhell suffered a near extinction level defeat when a volcano destroyed their main city. The volcanic ash would fill the skies of Coruscant for two years, so that the Taungs adopted the name Dha Werda Verda or the "Warriors of Shadow" for themselves. The battle was immortalized by an epic poem with the same name.

The Zhell eventually recovered and drove the Taungs offworld—the Taungs fled to Roon. Since Coruscant was considered by some to be the homeworld of Humans, several historians hypothesized that the Zhell species may have been the ancestors of the Human race in the galaxy. The name Zhell may have inspired Zhellday in the Galactic Standard Calendar.

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