"Are you here because you're in trouble or looking for it?"

Zherron was a Human male and the captain of the Khoonda Militia on Dantooine 3951 BBY. A man of straightforward speech and direct action, Zherron did not believe in wasting time or words. Along with Terena Adare, he was considered to be one of the key people holding the Khoonda settlement together.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A no-nonsense leader, Zherron's aggressive attitude towards Dantooine's mercenaries prompted many, including his own lieutenant Berun Modrul, to raise doubts as to whether he was intentionally provoking them. At the same time, Zherron's commitment to the Khoonda government and Terena Adare, whose goal was peace for the settlers, caused others to believe he was not doing enough about them. Unbeknownst to all but a few, Zherron had planted cameras in a set of atmospheric sensors left for the mercenaries to steal, and was planning on spying on them. He was also working with the mercenary Dopak, although the nature of their partnership is unknown. Zherron believed that the mercenaries were extremely dangerous, and it was necessary to do anything to stop them. He considered those like Berun who wanted to appease them to be living in a sheltered world.

Zherron and the militia were also constantly occupied with managing Dantooine's large salvager population. Swindling of the settlers, dangerous criminals like Gerevick, and competing claims to caches of salvage were consistently amongst the many problems the militia dealt with, causing Zherron to adopt an attitude of weary resignation regarding salvager business.

As it turned out, Zherron was proven right about the mercenaries when Azkul revealed his plans to attack Khoonda. Berun and any other detractors quickly withdrew their complaints, and with the help of Meetra Surik, Zherron prepared the militia for the attack. Not a particularly inspirational speaker, Zherron let Surik motivate his troops with a rousing speech. When the Battle of Khoonda began, Zherron's men performed admirably, driving back the mercenaries and killing Azkul.

When the Telos Security Force put out a call for help during the Battle of Telos IV, Zherron brought a small contingent of militiamen from Dantooine to aid them (possibly supplemented with Dopak and his mercenaries). On Citadel Station, he led the attack to punch a hole in the Sith barricade.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

It is possible for the player to reveal that Zherron is spying on the mercenaries to Terena Adare, causing him to be removed from his post and Berun Modrul to take his place. However, Zherron is reinstated when the mercenaries reveal their plans for attack.

If the player chooses the dark side path and allies with Azkul, Zherron is killed defending Khoonda.

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