Exemplar Zheus was a male Sayormi who lived in the Kkowir Forest on the planet Kashyyyk. He was a high ranking member of a group known as the Outcasts. In 1.5 ABY, Kerritamba Village was under siege by both the Sayormi and the Outcasts. One of its residents, Ardon, instructed a spacer who had aided the village previously to find and eliminate Zheus in a continuing effort to weaken the threats poised against the village. The spacer found the Exemplar near an area of the forest known as the Mysess Glade. The spacer fought and killed Zheus, and returned to the village, relaying the news of his victory to Ardon. Ardon was impressed with the spacer and rewarded them with 5,000 credits and a commendation for protecting the village.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Non-canon female depiction of Exemplar Zheus

Zheus appears as an enemy character in the Star Wars Galaxies expansion pack, Rage of the Wookiees released in 2005. While the player of the game may decide to side with the Outcasts over the course of the quest chain within the Kkowir Forest, the player is always capable of attacking and killing Zheus regardless of which side they chose. Zheus would randomly spawn as either a male or female Sayormi. Because the quest dialogue established him as a male, it is assumed that the male depiction is canon.

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