"Do I look stupid? [...] My six year old daughter is a better liar."
―Zindra's father, Cubber Daine, in response to Kell Tainer's claim of not being good at sabacc.[src]

Zindra Daine was a Corellian novice pilot and daughter to Cubber Daine, former mechanic to Wraith Squadron.


Daine first acted as the third member of Luke Skywalker and Corran Horn's shield trio in Twin Suns Squadron as Twin Suns Three. She later served in the squadron under Jaina Solo.

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Although she is listed in the Dramatis personae section of The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand and, according to Aaron Allston, is with the Twin Suns Squadron throughout the events of the novel, no scene in the book mentions her specifically.[1]

Aaron Allston also had confirmed that Zindra is in fact Cubber Daine's daughter.[2]



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