"We're the best around, Fett. You and me, we make our own rules."
―Zingo Gabnit[src]

Zingo Gabnit was a blue-skinned male bounty hunter. After developing a reputation as a mean hunter, he lost his standing among the Bounty Hunters' Guild by killing hunters who were chasing Rebels, and became the target of a 100,000 credit bounty. After acquiring some valuable shards on the Outer Rim Territories planet Carajam, encountered the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who initially ignored him as he was returning from a separate hunt. Fett later found out about Gabnit's bounty and pursued him just as Gabnit was making plans to escape offworld with his allies, the Xan sisters. While preparing for a march across the Death Plains to reach their ship, Gabnit mortally wounded his associate Turfitch to steal his water supply.

Fett found Turfitch, who pointed out Gabnit's location, allowing Fett to shoot him at long range. Gabnit survived and made his way to a village, killing several of its inhabitants to set up a trap for Fett. When Fett arrived, Gabnit tried to convince the bounty hunter to ally with him, promising a reward greater than his bounty. Fett ignored the offer and entered the building from which Gabnit's voice emanated, which was actually a trap involving a comlink and a Thermal Detonator. Fett escaped the ensuing explosion and spotted Gabnit, knocking him down after a brief struggle. Gabnit reiterated his offer, insisting that the two hunters were the same in that they were the best of their profession. Fett again rejected the offer, and when Gabnit made a final attempt to reach for his blaster, he was shot, with Fett dragging his body into a town to claim the reward.


Hunter on the run[]

"They even tell you what really happened? The Empire never paid my last bounty. They said they needed the target alive. But the bulletin said dead was fine! The Guild said they'd file an appeal, but I had debts. So yeah, I poached a gig. Why not?"
―Zingo Gabnit, explaining his past to Boba Fett[src]

Zingo Gabnit was a male who worked as a bounty hunter, developing a reputation as the meanest tracker in the Outer Rim Territories. He took jobs regardless of their filthiness, and considered himself a straight-laced hunter, although the Bounty Hunters' Guild viewed him as something of a rogue. On one job, Gabnit killed someone who was wanted by the Galactic Empire, as the bulletin for the bounty stated that the victim could be brought in dead. However, the Empire refused to grant the reward, claiming that they needed the target alive. According to Gabnit, the Bounty Hunters' Guild promised to file an appeal, a solution that was not quick enough for Gabnit, who had debts to pay off. He chose to act quickly, and ended up killing several Guild hunters who were pursuing members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, with whom the Empire was at war. As a result, Gabnit was accused of Rebel collaboration, and the Guild set an 100,000 credit price on his head. At some point, Gabnit became an associate of the Xan sisters, a criminal organization.[2]

Gabnit prepares to fight Boba Fett

Between 2 ABY and 4 ABY,[1] Gabnit was present on the Outer Rim planet Carajam, looking for valuable shards with his associate Turfitch and another human. After the human acquired the shards, she met with Gabnit and Turfitch in a camp in a desert, where Turfitch took the shards and Gabnit prepared to kill the human, who begged for her life by insisting that they could have the shards. Gabnit reasoned that, as the human knew his name, she could not be allowed to live, and when she promised that no one would know, he agreed with her. The human was about to continue pleading when she noticed a figure approaching in the distance, whom Gabnit and Turfitch recognized as the feared bounty hunter Boba Fett. The human escaped, laughing at the fate of the two criminals, while Gabnit prepared to fight, drawing his blaster. Turfitch told Gabnit that he had to run but Gabnit insisted on fighting, an option Turfitch regarded as ridiculous based on Fett's lethal reputation. To the surprise of both men, Fett passed straight through the camp without noticing them, and when Gabnit saw the body of a Rebel pilot on Fett's droid mount, he realized that they were not Fett's targets and were therefore safe, as Fett would not kill anyone without being paid to.[2]

In Fett's sights[]

"Maybe he lost our trail"
"Don't fool yourself…He's Boba Fett"
―Turfitch and Gabnit[src]

Boba Fett took up the hunt for Zingo Gabnit.

Fett arrived in town and selected Gabnit's bounty, hearing about it from a Guild agent who claimed that he was a Rebel collaborator, and that he was a valuable target because he had killed Guild agents. Gabnit planned to leave Carajam with the Xan Sisters but was caught in a dust storm, taking shelter in a cave and unable to proceed without an operational speeder. He communicated with the Xan Sisters via comlink, explaining that he would leave when able and demanding that they have their starship fueled up. Gabnit heard footsteps approaching and fired a shot that missed the intruder, only to realize that it was Turfitch, who had gone into town to get gear grease. Turfitch instead came with news that Fett had picked up Gabnit's bounty, reasoning that Fett may have lost their trail in the dust storm as they were both still alive. Gabnit was doubtful, knowing Fett's reputation, and informed Turfitch that their plan was to cross the Death Plains desert and rendezvous with the Xan Sisters to get off planet. Turfitch believed the plan was crazy as they lacked the water to finish the journey, a conclusion Gabnit agreed with by shooting Turfitch and claiming his canteen, leaving him to die.[2]

Fett found Turfitch, who pointed out Gabnit's trail and asked Fett to promise to kill him. Fett spotted Gabnit in the distance, used his Binoculars to locate him, and then fired a shot into Gabnit's right shoulder, which made Turfitch laugh until he died. Gabnit was still able to continue walking until he reached a village, at which point he communicated via comlink with the Xan Sisters, beginning to threaten them until they responded. The Sisters chastised Gabnit for having unfinished business, and he demanded that they follow through on their original arrangement. They denied his request, telling him to reach the port at Danan Karr to preserve their deal and insisting that he deal with any loose ends. Gabnit entered the village, where he was greeted by a Rodian who was shocked at his feat of surviving the Death Plains. He responded by killing the Rodian and began firing on the villagers, killing several. Gabnit tied the survivors up outside and set a trap for Fett, placing a comlink next to a Thermal Detonator inside a building and waiting outside the village.[2]


"You're just like me, Fett! You'll step the wrong way someday, and they'll rub you out too! I told you! We're the best! We look out for ourselves, man!"
―Zingo Gabnit's final plea for his life[src]

Fett defeats Gabnit

By nighttime, Fett arrived and a villager begged for his help, so he fired a shot into the air to draw Gabnit's attention. Gabnit lured Fett into the building, countering the Guild's claims about him by explaining that the Empire had wronged him. He compared himself to Fett by stating that they were both among the best in their field, and that they were above any other rules. He attempted to bribe Fett, asking him to walk away, at which point he would receive three times what the Guild had commissioned. Gabnit also acknowledged that they could fight, and that he would be sure to kill all the villagers in that case. After the villager begged Fett again, he ran into the building Gabnit's voice came from, and the blue-skinned hunter laughed as he saw Fett rush into his trap. The thermal detonator's activated, engulfing the building, but Fett was able to escape with his jetpack. Gabnit fired at him from a hiding spot, but was forced to take cover when Fett fired a missile. He continued firing at Fett until the Mandalorian hunter kicked him to the ground, knocking his blaster from his hands.[2]

Gabnit acknowledged that he had lost, offering the shards as a down payment for a truce and claiming that they were more valuable than his bounty. He stated that the Guild did not have to know of their arrangement, and warned Fett that they would turn on him just as they had turned on Gabnit. He again claimed that he and Fett were the best and as such they had to look out for each other while reaching for his blaster. Fett kicked it further away, at which point Gabnit resigned to his fate and lunged for it, leading to Fett shooting him. He dragged Gabnit through the village by the collar, where he was thanked by the villagers, who had escaped their bonds. Fett walked until he reached town, dragging the corpse into a cantina, where it was taken by Guild representatives.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"But you know my name, don't you?"
"I–I won't say anything!"
"That's for damn sure."
―Zingo Gabnit prepares to kill his human associate[src]

Gabnit killed innocents in pursuit of his goals.

Gabnit had a high opinion of his skills as a bounty hunter, and while initially abiding by Guild rules, he came to consider himself above them. Gabnit was willing to kill to further his own ends, such as taking the lives of Guild hunters in order to pay off his debts, betraying his own companion Turfitch to ensure his survival, and killing villagers to protect himself from Fett. He also threatened to kill his human associate to conceal his actions on Carajam, as she knew his name. Gabnit also demonstrated paranoia when he nearly shot Turfitch while hiding in a cave, not realizing his associate was the one approaching. He took an aggresive tone in his communications with the Xan Sisters, calling them cowards while waiting for a response to his communications. In his confrontation with Fett, Gabnit made multiple insincere attempts to bargain for his life , offering three times his bounty while luring the other hunter into a trap, and later offering the shards to Fett while reaching for his own blaster. Gabnit had blue skin, yellow eyes, gray horns, and pointed ears.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

"Name's Zingo Gabnit. Meanest tracker in the Outer Rim back in the day."
―A Guild Agent to Boba Fett[src]

Gabnit was able to use a variety of weapons and implement them in strategic methods in combat, such as when he lured Boba Fett into a trap. He was however, quickly defeated in combat. He had a reputation as a cruel hunter, and considered himself among the best in the trade.[2]


"Ha ha ha ha ha! I told you!"
―Zingo Gabnit after luring Fett into an explosive trap[src]

On Carajam, Gabnit wore a brown trenchcoat over a brown tunic, along with red shoulder guards. He wore two belts with pouches for various items clipped on, which had two beaded braids attached. Gabnit also used goggles and a headscarf while travelling through the desert, and fought using a blaster.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Zingo Gabnit was first pictured in an article published on StarWars.com on April 15, 2019, providing a preview for the one-shot comic Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett 1.[3] The comic, which revealed Gabnit's name, was published by Marvel Comics on May 8, 2019,[4] written by Greg Pak and pencilled by Marc Laming,[2]


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