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"Here we are marooned on a planet swimming in lava, forced to creep through the spookiest Imperial stronghold this side of Ziost, and he just has to wander off."
CR-8R, on Lieutenant Thom Hudd[src]

Ziost was an astronomical object located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories[1] that was affiliated with the Sith. Along with the likes of Malachor, Jaguada, and Rhelg, it was quarantined during the time of the Galactic Republic.[2] Ziost was the original site of an ancient Sith ritual altar that was present in the Grand Republic Medical Facility on Coruscant[3] in 19 BBY.[4] Much like the planets Moraband, Exegol, and Asog, Ziost maintained a fertile climate until the arrival of the Sith.[5]

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Ziost was originally featured as the "central world of the Sith" in the issue #3 of the Legends comic book Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith, published in 1996.[source?]



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